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can concrete blocks work miracles?

Developers and owner claim that they worked closely to achieve energy efficiency (see floor plan below). According to them, a type of concrete blocks has worked miracles so that this 'family home' can achieve the 'best' thermal insulation.
Can the entire world afford to live like this? Are these delusions of grandeur one of the reasons why Australia is one of the highest contributors of greenhouse emissions per capita?  
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1. Tasteful and you wish you could live there or at least in their vecinity
2. Embarrassing, indulgent and gross--and you would like to move to another country 
3. The developer, the owner, their friends and family are in urgent need of psychological treatment
4. The concrete block manufacturer could be more discerning when featuring projects--this one does  not help 
5. I want it, I want it and I want it (with a tantrum)!
6. other  

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 Source: from an unsolicited publicity email (spam), also refer to the above link .


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    It's still for sale, POA. Very weird. The rest of the neighbourhood is full of the same big beasts, all with requisite swimming pool and tennis court.
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