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Bill Bumped...

edited June 2008 in architecture
just looking through the jury of di stasio's ideas competition for venice aus pavilion and i thought i recalled bill henson's name appearing on the list of the jury when i first looked at it a month or so ago. he's not there anymore.

anyone know if he was removed? this thing is way out of hand.


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    Well spotted.
    The di stasio site doesn't include Bill Henson in the Jury list, but this page on another site, posted earlier, shows his name at the top of the list. But maybe Bill withdrew? Anyone know?
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    Bill Hensen is a thinking artist.

    Presumably, he visited the di stasio website, understood the indignity of a manufactured Aboriginal humpy image and realised what he had been roped into?

    Cultural insensitivity is not the domain of the mercantile - but it does seem to have strong roots in the Victorian baby-boomers leading this misguided and Victorian-centric cause.
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