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Text editor, video, images

edited December 2018 in architecture
I have installed a couple of new things. New posts can be typed using a text editor, though it may not appear if you are using Safari (this will be fixed soonish hopefully).
Have a look - you can embed images from other sites using the text editor, as well as embed vids from Youtube.
To If you want to upload an image from your computer, use the Attachment box below the text editor - it has a limit on file sizes of 512kB. Here is a picture from summer time: from other sites, click the image symbol on the text editor and put the whole URL (address) into the box. The image should be under 700 pixels wide. Make sure what you're doing is kosher in terms of copyright and displaying on another website.
Alternatively, you can upload images from your own computer using the attachment button at the base of the page. The same restrictions apply and the image should be less than 512kB.
You need the particular code to embed a video, ie for a video at you would just use that end bit: jp-kc8u_1mI to get the following vid. Make sure to select the source from the dropdown (ie Google Video or Youtube etc). Here's an old TV show featuring an Eisenman-designed architecture school with no front door...

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