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staff haircuts

edited October 2008 in architecture
mr. mirvac shaved his moustache in perth on friday.

and a few corporate types have been walking in for #2s and #1s this month.
they're booking their november skull shaves with me now and brazilians with the body hygiene clinic next door.

small talk round the chair says its arms and legs in december.

won't be anything to cut off in january.
i'm going surfing.


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    Ah yes. You have come to the wrong Forum. This is on architecture. Mirvac has nothing to do with architecture.
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    could have fooled me - mirvac and architecture that is.
  • edited 3:37AM, nothing to do with architecture. Have you looked?
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    word on the street has it that many around town are trimming stray hairs from the edges of their sideburns.

    get ready to shave some of these too hairdresser.
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    yes mark. I see your point. and I do sympathize.
    but I cut - don't split hairs.

    I know one serious office north of the tweed avoids the title architects.
    something about not wanting to stand next to all the people that "are".

    let mirvac in the club? they fit.
    their hair is like everyone elses. and it all gets cut.

    @ sideburn. I'm digging out the nasal passage/ear lobe clippers from the back room as well.
  • sodsod
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    mirvac are ok when they outsource the design - WM at docklands stands out as one of their better efforts
    mirvacs shit stands up to comparison to most developers who hire brand name architects - BS design for the old mercy site is turgid lump, ARM in the Joilmont railyards looks like another stinker in the making etc etc - i guess you can make a good argument for none of this stuff being architecture
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    yes, melbourne's arm hairs have been growing long and ratty. they're also due for a tidy up.
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    ........don't start me with the Jolimont site. This is a crime against the Melbourne Grid.
    BTW I've had the back, crack and sack done enough times in my youth to know when to watch my back. It will be the builders who will be testing the blade from their planes on the arm hairs.
  • sodsod
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    i didn't think the grid was such a big deal until the jolimont tower started going up. now i reckon low rise on that site would have been a good thing. so much for arm's old take on the tower as an outmoded building type.
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    I liked harry seidler's sideways heads of hair - or maybe they were sideburns.
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    Please Mark, do start on the Melbourne grid, and its "graduating" as Becton call it (link). There are two much earlier posts on that site - I can only find one: Becton in Jolimont , that you may care to add to.
    From memory, the planning approval of that scheme was a bit murky and controversial - it was against council wishes. Here's an article from the time: The Age 2002. I think it is a shame that the openness (Treasury Gardens / railyards / Alexandra Gardens) has been lost, along with the sole sharp corner to the Melbourne grid.
    No views on haircuts, though I do trim my sideys, otherwise they would get unshapely - I don't want mutton chops.
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    ah yes harry s. = mutton chops.

    the edges of the grid in melbourne were written into it by its surveyors when it was set up with surrounding open reserves. the occupation of these reserves first by rail tracks and other govt. features all have dubious legal origins.

    the m in the arm of melbourne has a lot to answer for.
    Docklands. Jolimont. and if you look hard enough you will find forearm designs from the late 80s and early 90s with astonishing "ideas" for extending the grid to the river in the style of surveying.

    lucky for melbourne some-one threw a circuit breaker into fed square a decade ago.
    look for the arm waving over that one.
  • sodsod
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    i suspect the M has cashed in his crediabilty or is simply unable to deliver decent design responses on what really should be considered significant/sensitive sites or he just likes marking the town with crap urban design and buildings.
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    the WM roundheads are apparently in need of plenty of sunscreen slap at the beach this summer. off to dubai to land the sun. (sorry hairdresser i just dont have the eleqounce at my disposal)
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    @ miles - shaving the head I'm told by my clients renders speech superfluous.
    it also makes tea towels comfortable to wear.
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    careful hd. have you forgotten all your professional development from your days at woods bagot?
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    I've never been able to create a niche for my trimming with the interior design set.
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    The Melbourne grid is the big crime
    Murky beginnings enable even murky endings

    The best thing for Melbourne would be to get those techno-archi's to cease inserting and start deleting
    The delete key is just after the backspace key
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