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[Melb] (R)AIA conference Parallax 30/4 - 2/5

edited March 2009 in events

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
30th April to 2nd May
prices vary. Early bird ends 2nd March.
The Creative Directors set out to design a conference that was more than the sum of one-hour lectures by invited guests.  The best conferences build momentum as they unfold over a few days, as key topics emerge in response to the particular cocktail of speakers present and the opportunities they are given to unpack these topics over an extended period.  Thus, we have set out to design a program which focuses on specific issues while also enabling a freer discussion with regular crossovers during the event.

Core to this structure are the six main thematic sessions.  Each session – Studio, Politics, Media, Young Guns, Collaboration and The Cosmopolitan – is built around two speakers who will open with a 40 minute lecture of the selected theme.  Then, to complete the session, a discussion panel led by another keynote will allow for extended discussion and debate between a larger group.

These thematic sessions are countered with 12 smaller sessions - six each day, held in parallel, as an after lunch “coffee break”.  In these sessions, each keynote speaker will discuss issues of particular local relevance in conversation with an Australian speaker.
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