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resoled boot

edited March 2009 in architecture
thank god for the GFC?


  • sodsod
    edited March 2009
    the economy will get completely scorched but liens et al will survive
    good to see design inc recognised as one of melbournes leading practices.
  • edited March 2009
    resoled with cheap chinese finishes...poor detailing....a real dissapointment to future generations of architects.....
    well done to the grey suit camp....good design need be produced.....all words.....under the table transactions...???????
    this sort of commission should have an age cut off for over 45's.....
    give the next generation a chance for a change......
    how boring .....same tired old names......
    the band reguritator got it right with their song for the past decade.....
  • edited March 2009
    inclined to think the GFC will see this pie in the sky reduced to pastry cinders sod.


    ^ to put a + spin on it for you cabbie - if it did happen maybe it will be a reminder to young architects as to what the profession isn't by the time its finished.

    thats got to be good.
  • edited 11:50PM
    and they wonder why we don't join the institute?
  • edited 11:50PM
    reckon mr tan your arse must think liens good in bed.
    spent some time together in venice twice?
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