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edited May 2009 in architecture
#1 the borg dual part assymmetrical comb over.
deserved to win.
a perfect 10 - captures faithfully the AIA and what stands behind it while its bending over.

- the refusal (inablility?) to turn corners.
- the playful rolling about of 20thC ESD turds kept in jars since childhood.
- due dilligence to a 5 year lag with EU real estate cliches.
- maintenance of high minimum ratios per sq m of airshipped/just of out date EU cliches.
- due dilligence to market positioning in front of emerging NZ and South African design hotbeds.
- assimilation of next, already over, endorsed local thing.
- putting a representation of architecture on top of and in front of less than ordinary buildings.
- throwing good rent away on a symbolic staircase to show how you care.
- being unable to connect the idea of a balcony with the reality of sunshine.
- realising that colour blindness is a gift to go with.
- facing up to old age and embracing the grid of the hair loss clinic.


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    A Prince Albert and wooden testicles.
    (mexican take on Loos - or a mirror held up to wetbackville)
    bringing a bit of their docklands magic to exhibition street.
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    in the mirror
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    - reality could be a bit wearing over a decade of dragging dreary PD nights.
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    #4. SLOT GLASSES, SHAVE AND SCALP SHINE. (breaking all the old guy rules)
    almost boring enuff to be good and only just out of style.
    but forgot to trim the neck hairs.
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    OMG what you talking about hairdresser? Difficult day at the salon?
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    AA - May June 09 p 38-39-40-41.
    or you still waiting for the icebreaker to arrive at the south pole?
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    Will check this week.
    PS The south pole is too landlocked to be accessible by icebreakers.
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    Just noticed your new link to Lyons. Hadn't seen that before. I wonder how often they think they can play Fountainhead in the rooftop cinema before people stop turning up.
    I remember bemusement at the time the REOI came out, stating that the (R)AIA wanted to have a "limited ideas competition" ( PDF link ).
  • sodsod
    edited May 2009
    Peter - limitation of ideas isn't a problem - one good  idea would have been more than enough
    funny to see the ARM / MCR mini me entry run off with the prize if thats what it is.
    hd -  hard to disagree with your summary of their effort. The Boys know how to tick boxes.
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    oooh- kick to the borgs guts, sod.
    fitting image of em.

    i'd post pics but the site appears to have gone eskimo and won't download?
    checked size of images etc. all ok. so dunno.
    something gone amiss down at ice station zebra peter?

    wouldn't be the fountainhead would stop me going - be the the freezing sou/wester on the rooftop.
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    (R)AIA should have called it an EOI for no ideas.
    result would've been far more interesting.
    @ hd ...any gossip from the salon.....come'on... reckon after a couple of months there'd be a few things....
    took a few black shirts to the airport a couple of weeks back...on their way home...after some conference...paralysed...they affectionately refered to it....they couldn't  stop laughing at the melbourne position.....wonder what happened....????
    travis bickle....calling out never seem to answer the radio....
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    travis is getting over a recent bout of ecstasy?
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    limited ideas competition. lolz.
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    the marx bros just kept on
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    testing images upload...
    oh sheesh... see what you mean , will get under the hood. Ta HD.
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    Fixed. Warp speed please Scotty.
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    not working for the hair shop mac yet.
    doesn't take attachment method.
    no other possibilities with safari.

    whats that.^
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    Re: Fountainhead
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    that image was a random one called "ah_husseiny". No idea where I found it, but it is nice and.. drawn, which I like.

    I am on Safari 3 on PC so will see how I go attaching an image.
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    Seems to work in PC land. Maybe try it again (could be caching) or see if it works in Firefox or Google Chrome. I will try to get access to a Mac if still not happening.
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    your right - working now. fixed up by adding in images.

    yes - interesting to see a hand drawn image. almost fresh. ha.

    21C default position is that all rendered models are images of shite as per the equivilant sign indicated by late 20C south yarra airbrushers.

    of note #3 "seems" to have gone down the long hair hand drawn road.
    hasn't helped much but?
  • sodsod
    edited 11:34PM
    a national comp would have been interesting - a couple of queensland firms could have stuck it right up this lot.
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    - got to wonder what these same dudes will dish up for melb, uni comp if they can get through an EOI - ie will melbourne uni show any expression or interest in watching 3 stooges re runs.

    yes sod - they seem to have a handle on a straightforward relationship between architecture and buildings up north? Don't seem to buy into that van schaik spatial intelligence slapstick and shaving-cream pie shtick.
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    not sure about the north Mr Hairdresser
    local Brisbane practice Sticky Tape have caught victorian skin cancer
    will need to send down south with a 'property of LVS' stamped on their 3 foreheads
  • edited May 2009
    i saw that spectacle showroom in the kiwi kook's rAIArag luke
    - is that why their shit started to stink?

    --why not post them to tasmania. its even more like england.
  • edited 11:34PM
    North not offering a sanctified alternative anymore, south too much like the old colonic coloniser.The country not good enough? Definitely - ask Cook's slighted indigenous (that's James as well as Peter's)but not another architect. Where to go - heaven ? Lacking GPS, is that SW of Treblinka or Chicago?

    My observation is that Peter is left alone trying to haul the rambling back to subject matter, diverting a forum too often distracted by manners of admittedly horrific politics and personalities of the profession, not any matter proffered to hand.
    Observers - time to jump in ? Please no more righteous superiority either please - you know who I mean.
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