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[Conference] BEMP 2009 August11&12 Canberra

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Built Environment Meets Parliament

(BEMP) 2009
Canberra, August 11 & 12
BEMP is an annual conversation between parliamentarians and industry leaders that showcases the relationship between Australian communities and their built environment. BEMP offers an opportunity to explore the economic, social, environmental and governance issues that help shape national prosperity.
BEMP 2009 will focus on four main policy areas addressing economic, environmental, social and governance issues.  The summit session titles and outlines are summarised below:
This session will explore ways to unlock credit; maintain and create jobs; and boost Australia’s productivity and competitiveness. It will involve a discussion on meeting skills needs, modernising property investment taxation arrangements, and attracting investment in infrastructure.
This session will explore the significant contribution the building sector can make to reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions through employing energy efficiency measures.  It will also involve a discussion on water efficiency; environmental awareness and education; and future city design.
This session will explore the role of the built environment in improving health, housing and transport across our communities. It will involve a discussion on pathways to creating healthy and affordable places and spaces, including transport oriented development and integrated land use and infrastructure planning. 
This session will explore opportunities to reduce regulatory barriers and to improve Australia’s planning, taxation and procurement practices. It will involve discussion on measures and partnering arrangements to enhance Australia’s productive capacity.
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