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Reader query - outback house

edited July 2009 in Q and A
Passing this on - can't think of the house myself.

Email: touf1 AT

Your comment, suggestion, or query: I know this sounds random but im not sure
where else to ask. About 5 years ago i saw a programme that was showing a wonderful
modern house in the australian outback. I did not catch the architects name at all.
Basically the house was in the middle of the outback but was built so that it had a
grass courtyard in the middle where the children played safely, it was a square house
and the glass windowns looked out onto the outback from the front. Any idea??



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    Is this it?
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    barries bayside bach me thinks?
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    shaved heads around town getting emails for a month about courtyard designs.
    0 explanation.
    despite what mail says - random - coffee table kook doing "research"?

    nice house luke.

    @ miles - don't come coffin more survivalist bunker/pistol shooting club than bach?
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    @hd muttonbird coop?
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    TOUF1 what kind of outback are you talking about? It comes in all shapes and colours.


    And there is Marshall's, but coastal Phillip Island is hardly outback, and children wouldn't play in that courtyard unless they are good at killing the snakes that drop into it.
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    hairdresser recalls a house in the kook tabloid from a few years ago that won nsw award.
    gave all the 5th generation sheep speers and first fleet junior hitlers a horn.
    had a grass courtyard. looked out over paddocks - like murcatt - must be outback.

    would go well in a coffee table book.
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    got a photo finish Mr HD?
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    ^^^^mexicans nominate mexico (ha ha ha). parochialism?
    didn't stormin norman do that house? or Hooch and handgun?

    from old tote book luke.
    fergus scott architect? 2003.
    not a bad fireplace.
    looks outback if your an iti i suppose.
    12.jpg 11.1K
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    tastefully tatooed port jackson bogan look from outside.
    2.jpg 15.8K
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    Forgot to say, I received this last month:

    Hi Peter ,thank you so much, @hairdresser found it, it was

    Could you please thank him for that and everyone else? I dont want to create
    an account just for one comment.

    thanks again
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    i used to cut toes before i paid for gender reassignment to cut hair.
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