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Studying at UQ

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I'm considering studying Arch at UQ and am interested to hear from people (past & current students) about what it's like studying there. I'm interested to know about what you think about the course and content, lecturers etc, what the contact hours (lectures, tutes, studios) are like (is it 9-5, M-F or something else?) How did/do you find the time to study and work to support yourself (if you had/have to)? What do you think about the UQ course compared to others unis, in particular QUT? Have you found that having a degree from UQ is more beneficial to career prospects over a degree from elsewhere?

Any opinions/insights about Arch at UQ (and QUT as well) are welcome!


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    [moved to architecture forum 20/10]
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    UQs glory days r past. died with PoG. widow has retired. school will b run by a couple o' may-as-well-be-mexicans? headed for the bottom of the cycle curve.
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    is that you wombat/et al?
    this sounds like a spruiker stream ........
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    otherwise - go to the USA
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    ela lang,
    architecture = the most narcistic profession on the planet.
    go and do a drafting dip first, learn how a building really works.
    then take luke's advise go state side, or switzerland (they know how to do it properly)......
    forget australia, the education system is only a rotting carcass of its former self....
    make architecture into a trade, and get people to do apprenticeships....
    it shouldn't be a university course.....anyone can learn to 3d render.....
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    I hear Gravitarse is watering a crusty Heritage seed to slide into vacated x-AA UQ sandstone seat ...

    Definately go to the USA ....
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    don't sit back ela lang, join in this debate.
    could this be an inside job, uq doing a little market research?
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    ^^ corb with a mullet hey.
    Gravitarse feathering a nest. not welcome back in sandy perth?

    Japans the place to learn to be an architect?
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    UQ is still fighting for the Empire
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    cabbie - no this isn't a uq market research thing! I'm a genuine student currently studying Arch at QUT and just wondering what it's like on the other side of the fence (grass is always greener blah blah). I WISH apprenticeships were the way to become an architect. I'd do it in a flash.
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    ^ + ^^ nothings changed for 1/2 a century then
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    glad to hear ela
    go check with the governers at the board of architects, for requirements....
    an internship maybe on the cards
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    The registration board states that - 'Minimum of 7 years work experience in the last 10 years (architectural, planning, building or other related fields); 3 of the 7 years must be in an architect's office. A minimum 1 year of the 3 must be in an architect's office in Australia' would be required to apply to undertake their assessment to register (for ppl w/out a degree). Now, not that any arch. degrees are short, not by any means, but 7 years is a long time as well, esp. when you're a slightly older student, unfortunately not just straight out of high school. Would practices nowadays even take on people not studying or qualified?
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    same time span as uni to reg path.

    interesting you only have to do 3 in an architects office and 1 in australia.
    - you could design yourself a good course.

    spot of tech time in germany. 6 months in japan working formwork. hang out in new york and learn about interior design. stick your nose into a Estimators office. whatever. would beat hanging about in your hometown if u had the get up and go.

    some employers would think maybe there was something to you with such cv.
    not class u as fodder. real trick would be to get a school to recognise the experience and deal dispensations to shorten uni prison term.
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