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AR/UK - death to mexicans & dirtbaggers

edited October 2009 in architecture
AR (uk) 09-09 in the salon rack.
P. Follent = big picture genius.
has left gravitarse's elite don't come cockboat stuck on Fed Square ACMI sandbar.

r. gregory goes to bris/vegas for 10 days and likes his tim tams.
rory spence last century south of the rio rivalry gets the heave ho.
mexico city = "piss elegance" and barbers who stamp their feet and say "I want" while they sample Peter the Great "without applying his level of spatial brilliance".

harbour town has "stunning beauty" and ......(insert scandinavian massage fantasy).

Conclusion - BrisVegas has it all, don't bother with the rest.


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    ^ Just unpacked my Sept UK/AR too ...
    Rob Gregory has written a most telling article on the east coast solutions, poignantly distilling the characteristics of  Brisbane's architecture via Timothy Hill's endoscopic like observations. It's hard to know where to start, there is so much in it.
    Perhaps it is in a respected State Government Architect who actively promotes the next generation (and would not be seen dead supporting the defacing of a seminal work). Or Brisbane's luck(?) at escaping the decorated shed movement. Or even in the underlying assertion by the author that a local work 'completely outclasses' a nearby 'inoffensive but generic equivalent'.
    Either way, it's the kind of critical article that would not be printed in Australia's architectural rags - definately not by those two gang advised and edited by Melbourne's Semper society; nor, I suspect, could Sydney's  Monument rise above the coffee table for a critical occasion such as this. Maybe if Brisbane is all that, it should start it's own publication ....
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    Yep - mexicans can't speak german - 4 them semper = post feminist boy scout that autoerotic assphixiated 1 time 2 many.

    ^Interesting u bring up role of SGA. Phil Folliage is a city state prince? 2 b contrasted with Lang Hancock like Gravitarse - man with too many debts?

    Compare and Contrast between the DHAsters glass=pink stone tower and the can't come reflective poly saturate is hi stakes. Maybe r g has some pom boy attitude re nip rip-off 4 stonehedge?
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    ^ eh?
    Must say, Run DMC were before my time - but never minded their old skool hits as played at christian brother school dances ...
    I know this is a dumb Qld question - but who the f&*k is Semper? [a Tasmanian of german origins?]
    And does he/she enable anything decent to resolve sun shading
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    har ha ha ha. ^get your dunny roll @ QUT?-

    vid the Don't Comes Stonehedge visitor center design luke. I can't get a horn for the dutch rock star's covers of corbusiah in clogs but he had the fcukers pegged as a stack of beer cans 10 years ago.

    the semper line from tim tam was a corker - I've reread the article 3 times. leaving it out on the shop counter for the cabbie. maybe when u get your copy in 2 months luke u can get in on the laugh.

    Btw - the benders should have kept Hague off the straddy ferry and made sure he was happy just letting the sand run between his toes. windmill arm swinging with eyes shut tight ain't exactly gonna make mexicans run out of a bar brawl.
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    ^No dunny roll where I come from - all left hand action
    Straddie is where all the mentally ill convicts where sent too

    Just interested in the idea that if Qld is 'all that' as claimed above, why is there a complete publishing hole? UQ should be able to coble together a couple pages via UQ press .... I just don't get it to be honest; just don't think a couple of a'holed D&C results should count as anything other than local bogans getting lucky ...
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    slow night last night hd, was ranked for most of it.
    got to read your bit of pulp fiction.
    like the satin suit piss elegance reference, you know coffee in a paper cup has no style.
    poms love the cynicism.
    it'll all go straight over the black shirts of mexico, too busy navel gazing.
    you see enough of it driving them around the city, they don't even look out the window.
    vegas spead on by without notice, they'll have to run fast to catch up.  stomping tanties won't get them there.
    oh the realities of the world.
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    forget the unis luke - sentiment. an independent rag not tied into waiting for the post full of uni research obligation pap would b good and worth reading. 3 mags and promotion industry around it is a circle jerk.

    recently was wondering what happened to Mix. Have not had it come to shop for ages. Figure it must have been shut down and replaced by giant piece o Emory Paper shite that the ex Phillip Morris promotions man edits. - time to rename themselves the Concretin Association? Everything is run by BBs in final phases of Alzhiemers?

    harsh assessment of benders luke. u r probably right.
    has that stain next to the lamp post the cobblers left in brissy down town faded yet or just got smellier?
    probably what motivated folliage to do something.
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    just got back from bris_bain. serious distortion on the part of that young englishman. all should be aware he was a guest of the qld govt on the back of their bender expo at venice last year. the editor of ar uk couldnt be bothered so he sent the sidekick (economy ticket only you see!). most travel writers acknowledge the host and airline. pinch of salt people.
  • edited October 2009
    ^ Yes - Qld State Government did invite him over .. as well as a host of other journalists from the UK, Europe and USA over the past 12 months to independently critique the Queensland context. That was the whole point of the exercise. I think the Englishman hit the comparative nail right on the head.

    The emerging architects here in Brisbane are just not that interested in Melbourne and Sydney anymore.
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    geez miles.

    AR looks mostly legit bender talk referenced + in quotation marks - not much pom verbal hurling. at least the copy i've been reading in the dunny!?
    .... + assistant editors get my vote - I ain't no job snob.

    must admit info - hard to argue with pommy nailing of don't come day glo danny + vanity mirror v the over the hills golden shower. the local men's rock and lamp shade foyer kicks arse.

    still miles -be a relief to be back and unselfconciously "piss elegant." hey, be hard taking the attitude being handed out to mexicans up there.
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    is that the sound of one foot stamping miles ?
  • edited October 2009
    ^godless specific?

    2 things miles.

    1 - your up there. they r not down here?

    2. - y is scenario 1. Nothing to do with the parade director flogging his stable of foxy hos to the world for a decade +?, or gaggle of hexAA feeding older AR chooks from same kitchen scrap bin? P. Folliage has beat em at their own game - and had reason to? packaging up the work of a city is smart - about architecture (+ getting their share of the mining $ + what to do with it)------- contrast with artiface flogging university education options down south.

    mexican barbers look like corner walkers in lippy, hi heels, fur coats and pimpmobiles thinking still they r pipe smoking moon tanned indalekshals in the mirror - like they say about their work its all there to c on the surface. any town has to do a mexican wave when 1 of em wants to take a pee during a high class music gig = not elegant at a minimum? ----- outside people r calling it how it looks?

    ..PK's having a go + a laugh (esp. at the wrinkly buildings) - ye olde mexico is the new hewson?
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    @info. almost defensive my amigo... havent seen any other internat mag pushing bender agenda.

    @hd. benders nailed me cos of my mexican accent. theyre tough if not defensive in those hallowed halls, must be the stench of the bedford sq carpet.

    @cabbie. no stamping i'm legless
  • edited 9:48AM
    Tough does not equal defensive definately does not equal intelligence.

    Anyway, what are you doing in town Miles? Get out while you still can - before you know it, you'll be wearing black thongs and burping rum ... yewl also lose ya plumbed hak'cent .... ha ha ha. Or worse still you'll end up working in a defacto on some compromised turd with some crap local bogan needing to tick a design box. It will end in tears ....
  • edited October 2009
    ....oh yes, any city with the likes of the Courier Mail as its only paper can hardly claim any form of artistic ground architectural or otherwise [it's the only rag with a page 1, 2, 3 and 4 girl] - rum and XXXX is about as thoughtful as things get ...

    Off thread but a new school of architecture just opened @ Griffith Uni - The Golden Holden is driving the new show ..... apparently specializing in D&C (that's the new path for this century)
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    d&c?! i heard it was new tropical architecture and 'sustain-a-liability' (apologies to hd). aligned with the arts. bullsh&t.
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    defactos - ha ha ha. thats good skywalker.
    - bris/vegas will get first same sex marriage?

    u have my sympathy wading around up there with a sombrero on miles.

    internat mag aggendas can b un/interesting. more interesting than some of the work.

    take dr. hangover tablet of the soap bubble institute who used to run a good line on mexico through olde world iti contacts at Domearse. everyone was somehow related to snob boy boyd like it was all a long hair hanging out of an arse u could only see looking backwards.

    v- had a bit of a laugh at this. polly thinking like hairdressers. at least not all r as brain dead as justine, man whose own department calls in beer barn permits down near the fucked up ferris wheel and stamps em while he sits at his desk with his face @ his wrecktum trying to figure out how to crawl in there.........what else can they do?
    mould stench around not all down to bedford squares miles.

    why gravitarse puppet steered the VB cockboat into the fantasy answer in 50 years.,,, aggenda = become KKKruds sidekick larger man who whispers sweet nothings over nationalisation of planning. his only way out of going nowhere?
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    ^^wot - anutha school.
    all a retirement plan for shagged out boomer barbers.

    3&1half now in mexico (if u count de-con as a fraction). none have stumbled over architecture in the dark.

    on anutha though related dive ursion. national haa wards about to go down @ the boot. u got to hope the organisers have planned ahead and preparked winners in the aisle seats.
  • edited 9:48AM
    ^^^ Topical architecture? You can get an ointment for that - don't need a whole school of reefers waxing on about plantation timbers that you just shouldn't use (clearly on decks).

    Tropical architecture? Queenslanders pretending to be real buildings don't cut it - more the best example of dumb colonial Euro use of first growth timber and grid planning. UQ's poetic jedi's keep burning their hands on their light sabers declaring it the only techtonic memory of the Empire.
  • edited October 2009
    no question UQ still lives in a swinging london nostalgia haze or sniffs packaged japanese underpants - all schools go to sleep till they get a 50000V jolt and burn down --------but the bender mob building stuff don't seem to be paying much attention to uni endorsed queenlander sticks or stilts.

    seem to b peddling command of building as the medium for the idea and 100% contempt for representation. tim tam's jab at mexico going off the rails via corro is deadly accurate.

    i'm hearing the boot did not get shined tonight? any confirmation?
    but national jury got the balencia right when the mexicans couldn't.
  • edited 9:48AM
    That jury is hardly a spirit level. No shoe shine, but i doubt for the right reasons - nothing radical here.
  • edited November 2009
    ^coulda been payback for bending over to tie up a bootlace while the pet dog got shardfted luke.
    back in the day harbour town pres had 2 write a letter to bracksward - the tarten mex pres had it zipped. opera house fan boys think long + slow from a dot on top of their spinal cortex & like a truck can't stop easily once moving?
    - good reason is next best to right + revenge has a top taste out of the fridge.

    ^ true - permanent bitch fight between cockboatcapital/cafecrawler boomers is conventional business manners. bris/vegans will break the morbid cycle?

    swings and roundabouts on 87 degree jury. some mexicans r ripping the top of the fizz. fuken deservedly 2 - glimmer twins cracked the balcony and it went right over the donkey owners heads 6 months ago. dumb juries aren't just a national privilege. mexico made a retarded step getting rid of guests beyond the external envelope ->a delegator initiative?- got sick of being the butt of lawyer dinner party jokes about barber EyeQues.
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    my good friends last night i witnessed the most embarassing shambles of black shirt organisation i have ever seen. the national awards was a disgrace. the hall was half empty, the photomoment on stage was a cack, the new pres is inarticulate, the old pres and jury chair just makes me cringe and wish for the good old centerlink days. the venue suckd for the occasion, no food, vino was piss and it was so BORING. the justin time clerk slipped in the back very late and was spotted sound asleep in the rear stalls along with a few other media titans. only highlight was some old dame picking up the award for the pokey portrait gallery. winners sent out weird message as to what we are about. can i have my money back? (again)
  • edited November 2009
    ^ your mistake was to attend. u won't find a mantlepiece in the boot.

    90% of barbers agree with the message sent out?
    i don't mind either as a pansy hairdresser. plain to see that federated barbers r building procurement facilitators.

    u misread tanned-arse. the rubber ape mask is a disguise. beneath the shirt wriggles a heart like maggot of solid dirt. as 2 ms. pres. she's not an architect. wot do u expect. that she be different to the boys? - centrelink was a master of illusion.

    i was disappointed to hear paddington job by TZG got 0 mention. then i thought about it - no taint from the coles fresh food brand.

    looking forward to next year in mexico - Convection Centre v a MCR calvacade. idea pitched against a habit?
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    hey Miles - can you confirm if a didgeridoo soundtrack was played at the beginnning? {It was here in QLd for the state awards and f*ck it was wierdly irrelevant.}
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    ARuk junior ed missed this one.
  • edited November 2009
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    who's the landscape architects HD?
  • edited November 2009
    i'd be stabbing a guess but probably same ones that put asphalt down in john grant's used car lot.

    which one of messers phillips/smith/conway lives in mossman park luke?
  • edited 9:48AM
    ..... Mr Cameron Conwell, Mr Craig Smith, and no Mr Phillips on the BOAQ. Apparently of Hall & Prentice dna from 1907 (see .... now that is a long bow - but, if it's good enough for mexico, it's good enough for bloddy Brizzy.

    Job going if you want HD ....
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