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Advice Needed

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I urgently need some advice. Your time would be more appreciated than you think. I have viewed all the discussion on butterpaper and thought that I would definitely find some advice.

I’m aiming the Architecture industry and looking at doing an Architectural Draughting Course in South Africa. I’m not sure I know exactly what Architecture Industry is all about.

This is what I do know:

Architect: * Someone planning and designing of buildings, and participates in supervising the construction of a building. An architect's decisions affect public safety, and thus an architect must undergo specialized training consisting of advanced education and an internship for practical experience to earn a license to practice architecture. Architecture is a business in which technical knowledge, management, and an understanding of business are as important as design.

Architectural Draughtsman: * Draftsperson is a person skilled in drawing. Many modern draughtsman use computer aided design (CAD) software to produce drawings. The 'skill' is to draw complex instructions precisely and accurately. The 'art' is to arrange that information in a beautiful, eye pleasing way. When combining these two factors and you have accurate drawings that are easy to use.

What I’m not sure about and what I want to know:

1. I am under the impression that the one “is” dependant from the other one:
Without the ideas of the Architect, the Draughtsman won’t have anything to work on. Then again, without the Draughtsman the Architect won’t be able do proceed with the design / development…

Am I on the right track?

2. By obtaining an Architectural Draughting certificate, would I be able to work my way up as an Architect without going to University?

3. I know having a degree is better. But would I get a job more likely on my title or my excellence/experience?

4. Is Architecture a combined concept of Interior Architecture, Interior Design and Architectural Draughting ? (This question almost follows up question 2 above.)

5. Is there a market for Architects / Architectural Draughtsman in the future?

I know what Architecture is about and the value of it. I just want to know if it is a certain part of architecture it is that I’m after or if it’s just Architecture overall that interests me. I would like to hear you opinion of my idea:

I have to start somewhere and would this Architectural Draughting course be a reasonable start to see if I really want to go in the Architecture industry? If not do you prefer something else, I am open to any suggestions.

I want to thank you for your time. I know this busy world consists of heavy schedules for each individual out there. So thank you, once again.


  • Speaking from experience, if you don't mind being a CAD monkey for a career, then choose drafting. They are like "kids pushing buttons" as one boss described them. To be a good draftee, you need to be tech savvy and understand how the structure is put together 3 dimensionally before drawing the sections. I like draftees, they are good value for money.

    If you have big ideas and want to be a hero with delusions of grandeur, become an Architect. It takes 9 years on average to earn that title.

    The Architect as Hero.
    If some lefty tree-hugging pseudo lecturer demands that you reduce your carbon footprint, tell them to go get farked. Its just a smoke screen to the underlying problems of increased world population and the under-empowerment of women. Less people would mean less CO2, more educated women would mean more options, less kids. But no, the Architect is a hero, these problems can be solved with modified shipping containers.

    Crash course in design from the Anti-Narcissist School of Design.(M.Arch New model)
    What I'm about to tell you took me 9 years to figure out. Here it is in a nutshell
    1.The first step is to be a modernist. Design boxes.Pure and simple.
    2.Progress to the decorated shed, add eaves, timber battens, louvres, corrugated sheets,
    3.the next level is to explore the folding paper look or crunched paper look depending on your mood. Cut out some slots for windows. Check Klein bottle house or Melbourne convention centre
    4. If you can't be bothered loosely ensemble some images from buildings you admire, cut them into pieces and reassemble.
    5. Use words like "juxtapose", "discourse", "interventions", "honesty" to describe your intentions.
    6. Strike a pose.
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    #6 is all u need to do.
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    don't forget the black shirt
  • This pose is my favourite
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    too much hair, not enough stubble
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    cut the bs.
    this thread is like an advertisement for 1 of the sandstone veneer shows.

    there r two alternatives.
    standard option
    keep your mouth shut around bullshit from sphincter mouth failed architects who teach.
    ignore polished cynicism of pacific rim junior turd polishers in training.
    buy air ticket + learn about architecture in euro offices.
    come back, be quick + suck down more bullshit from aneamic fos get dog rego number.
    do your stuff fast before the spaghetti and kransky you spew up goes stale.
    go to mexican school which is SA owned and operated - save on air fare.
    learn about racism in the comfort of your own home.

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    This pose is comical
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    ANi - your school sounds like national service/ARMy anti-style. The decorated shed/stealing image/boot camp is dead.
  • Skywalker,
    Did you think i was serious?
    I'm not a fascist.
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    Maybe ... but I'm pretty sure you wear a lot of black
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    i don't think the ol MCRs have much to do with the Convection Centre after reading narcotics blurb on material failures of sandstone veneer.

    MCRs = pick any one of the 6 options and paint envelopes between the fat with tick purple/red. chuck a bit of under grad destile around 2 cover anxiety issues over cellulite.

    can happily say convection centre seems about most texmexican building for a long time. lot to b optimistic about there if u turn a blind i to 0.5 of the interior. the back of myers is looking pretty fresh 2. i'm cracking a shit eating grin.

    folding paper look ala Fed Square makes sense 2 me - nice curtains from ex factory standard rectangle glass sheets. sort of stuff sandstone veneer dudes walk right past while they have their heads up their honest arses smelling the coffee on its way out. wot was the alternative again? some paving scribbled on with out of date prison sentences and rum money pichas. nutha turn right in reverse arrow from the best mexico could offer. ---->disgrace that gravitarse and the accountant think the lambo driver drones should be permitted to wipe their arses on the curtains as well.

    the Haybales r cranking some warm to hot concrete sardine cans for students to boil baked beans in and roll out their sleeping bags.

    BER is most interesting bit of aus barbering for 200+ years? first straight up compare and contrast between continental barbers since year dot of whitey civilisation.
  • Skywalker,
    You make so many wrong assumpations about me.
    I have been snubbed by the metrosexuals and the narco crowd at the sandstone wankfest known as MU because I didn't wear black. Uni drop kicks can be very shallow.

    It still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I'm now back with avengence.
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    Sandstone Zombies r sandbagged against the likes of u.

    --still,,,,, can't wait to see a tel aviv school bus loaded with tnt driven into the jackoarsed anti terrorist columns at both front doors.

    b a bit of a fire and some tow trucks circling while the encphyscolopediaphile of aussie architecture gets gift wrapped into boxed sets up stairs for XMAS.
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    Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, hangs out with ducks ...... wanna be called a swan? Whatever.
    The bitter taste is probably the $$$ you swallowed pre-GFC - why confuse it with a misplaced threat of avengence now? Who cares.
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    u could be right luke.
    all sounds a bit like a donald duck adventure.
  • I may have been educated in Mexico, but learnt the trade in QLD.
    Back in Mexico temporarily.
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    mexican education.
    another oxymoron for the VB?
  • Your education?
    School of hard knocks?
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    like all hairdressers.
  • Sounds like some sandstone with american ivy league growing all over it.
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    sounds like u got a dunny paper diploma chip on your shoulder hague.
  • sodsod
    edited 12:03PM
    ^hd - like the front of myers. entry canopy looks like something on one of the shitbag housing projects at the docklands.
    back end looks like a pale graphic exercise - they may as well have thrown up a de stijl supergraphic. no-hope starting to get stretched too thin?
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    ANi - why go back to South America now? If you stick around long enough here you will see all the out-of-work black shirts gracing the local sandstone circle-jerk. The most engaging thing about the guest lecture this summer will be the wart. Stay put - there is nothing down south. In fact, there is not much up north, even the norwegian ran out of ideas and had to jump.

    Banana Bender
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    ^ harsh but fair sod.

    which shit bag project u thinking of. 2 many for a HD to choose from.

    have seen a de stijl supergraphic boot up in benderville. definitely infearhehaw.
    not saying much- but probably why i cracked a spontaneous shit eating grin.
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    Hagues not going anywhere luke. hes on a pension.
  • edited 12:03PM
    Good - QUT/UQ is trying hard to ignore the Messiah - he makes them look as useless as they are. Can you imagine, the Wart slid in instead? Go figure....
  • edited November 2009
    warts - worst is when they grow on your sole.
  • sodsod
    edited 12:03PM
    think it was a  metal horror frock by e-f. watergate? seem to recall seeing a zig zaggy canopy pic somewhere.
  • edited November 2009
    ellouise, is this the advise you needed or did your questions get answered? Maybe only question 5?
  • edited November 2009
    ^just marked u back up a point. dunno who hammered a -tive.

    u were close - #6 has the new prius behind it.

    maybe that is horror sod. yesterday i got off the train after a day inspecting stoned samples of albino hairset up bush and stopped to light a cigar and wash the diesel fumes out of my southern crossed lungs. e f s old dress looked good through the cloud. hemline floated 3 feet too high -----but first was their best? must go back to myers and see if zags front makes me taste the shit in my grin.
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