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federal government architect

edited November 2009 in architecture
AIA canvassing Rudd for fed gov architect - please nominate for position


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    #1 Paul Keating
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    #2 HRH Prince Charles
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    #3 Gravitarse
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    y not dig up some dead nob and prop em up in the corner.
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    I nominate the firm:
    HotHair Lukewarm Cabillini and partners.
  • edited November 2009
    if it makes u 4 ways hard but fits tight pro bone ho framedwork.

    LHC has demoed no track record 4 not bein able to dress after a fashion combing 4 style ^? ... u show promise hagues for 2 I C. interview is as easy as bending over.

    culus est solum elus est usque ad coelum et ad inferos.
  • ABout the firm HLC
    "photo sensitive, spearheaded the post-stocking movement in a reaction to the mexican limelight."
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    ^ "army bad boys r past tense"?
    not yet hagues, be enuff methane in mexihandbag to blow the grates off every dunnys brain drain for years to cum. u need to keep hubcaps on the rims, wheels on the car and nurse the engine. 1 year 2 trade in time, new model hybrids on the way?

    ^^^licking lukes deedpole 1 day, running the light sabre down next...which way 2 go? fridays ty day + greenhaus? (german or lithuanian) writes the cryptic X word, 4 d, 1 a, which page of paper but? know whats harthur or martharh? cue - audience laughter (how many brands r on the cans).

    what is a button without a hole.
    makes a noise like a bone windmill rotating on top of crystal balls that haven't dropped yet.
    chases ambulances but is an accident.
    wears an atco sack like a retrenchment coat + rattles a pocket full of dominoes.
    is pissed @ chicks with purses who play chess with a toaster display.
    waters lawn dogs and grows low UQs in spare time left from working as a vulture in the astroturf shop -
    + reads letters in arabic.
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    HD, are you suggesting a Rimmer for FGA?
    I suppose so .... just the right amount of jelly to own it
  • edited November 2009
    flock j fish r see thru white on white 2 float with the surface current, all rimmers r not created equal. 1 day dr. frankenstein will be in the tomb, maggots wriggling round his eyes.

    may the most tentacles win the job.

    what stinks of t,herd but looks like roses and goes round and round the livedinekit at 11.00 pm.
    thinks 3 is 1 is 3? when nos no 7 = 19 x X, Y but not Z while the engagement ring sparkles.
    lives in an air conditioned lead coffin disguised as a broken shopping trolley in a weed paddock.
    has a monobrowscratch in search of a lowbrowitch where a satanownsitscrotcharsesimilator should b.
    goes down on its knees at the painted white line to keep the big kahuna quad nob hard + rotating.
    when the donuts on the b b q out come the boys named sue, shes not a typo.
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    now there is a new public transport system, they're starting to lay drivers off.....
    time for a new job" ..............
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    fcuked link cabbie. a position going nowhere?
  • edited December 2009
    well you could say that..........
    lots of letters and codes
    SGA is blocking the link....shame...
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    afraid of getting sued or something?
  • Toothless tiger position?

    What happened to previous GA?
    Urban sprawl still happening.
    Mcmansions still going up.
  • edited December 2009
    jobs 4 a cleaner not a copy cat with bridge work. b perfect for an urbane beard.

    vietcong children's story of how the tiger got his stripes is on play school this week.
    reanimation of the emperor's new clothes is screening @ ACCA.

    tokyos made of mcmansions + easy to get around.
    don't think about it, do mees - makes sense with train talk.

    ^if u r looking for the dignified exit hagues its locked.
    u will have to go through the front door.
  • edited December 2009
    An FGA? That is interesting. The question is less who and more 'what?'.
    Presumably we are expecting a baby boomer appointment(?)

    It would seem there are three character options:
    1. UK/Euro aligned/trained monarchist [the past]
    2. Aust aligned/trained global marketeer [the present]
    3. USA aligned/trained republican [the future]

    Of course the big problem here is that they are baby boomer options full stop. If it's a male, he will be entering his second last stage of life - seeking relevance. The level of desperation will be inversely proportional to that previously achieved. If he can't claim the real thing, he will support a fabrication to gain a job.

    The (R)AIA is a commercial trader entering a schism. I for one, could never support character option 1 - it is a giant leap backwards in thinking and inevitably resurrects a last century paternalism.
  • edited December 2009
    nasty BER virus?

    teddy bail used wheel of fortune.
    (urbane beard)------------->dVGA

    the GA aia thing is a bb minime liberal party gig sans NSW.
    y sweat. its the last roll of the dice & the hills steep down to the cremo from here.
    the beards need the shaving.
  • edited 9:31AM
    ^^ hey INFO - wasn't that same set of questions politicians were asking a century ago? F*ck me, this country's archi-circle-jerk is out of time. What's the point of a GA - luxury pet?
  • edited December 2009
    Fashion advisor?
    Fashion accessory?
  • edited December 2009
    u may laugh luke but the urbane beard will b smart 2 drive a puffy kept car.
    won't get ding dents from the accountants commode door.
    big mirrors r handy for keeping the fat bastards in lambos tailing 5 cars back in sight.

    re pollies luke.
    no its the last spin of the spanner for nsw wheel of death, but interesting to see the nuts off the bolts and an ungrey hair X seppo chick as head of 24 hr media spin and failing infrastructure.
    she seems a combo of everything the rest of australia isn't. peep into the not 2 distant future?
  • edited 9:31AM
    promotions ladder and how it works.
    marxican lobbying 4 gravitarse going over the hill and cruising to a well deserved coffin be already started.
  • edited 9:31AM
    gravitarse is a shoe in then
    lets knit the right pair of socks
  • edited February 2010
    imbedded under the safety dayglo manderin's skin is a chrome and green vinyl corporate lobby?
    FGA.jpg 63.2K
  • edited 9:31AM
    fantastic idea luke....been looking for a new job...
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  • edited February 2010
  • edited February 2010
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    trying hard....
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