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edited December 2009 in Q and A
Without breaking into private discussions in 'code', what CPD training, seminars etc are on the cards for next year?


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    Venice Biennale + $500 pavilion contribution = 25 points
    And the flights/accom are a tax deduction
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    RRMC and BIM, lectures to be held at moanash
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    there has been enuff boot licking + glass polishing classes 4 a century.
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    wot code. its just the accent.

    people to ask this pee dee question 2 r at the auia marks.

    some d bhate nights would be good.
    sixty bucks to see blood, black eyes and 13 rounds of eye gouging with a bookie taking money b 4 hand would liven a dull winter..

    most of barber pee dees seem to b a auto cash register at the door with a wind up robot on stage. not good. insititute of hengineers run the best gigs in town. u meet nice people 2.
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    hairdresser only managed a half hour PD session on comedy it seems. One of the 95% that will get to 55 and realise he did not 'make it'.
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    what code is CPD ?
    don't understand, please explain
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    Commercial Parade Drafters

    hymn = time + cost = quality

    ...that comedy session, that was the one with Centrelink/Kilt/Gravitarse doing their goon show homage(?)
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    ha ha marks. pee dee is a dilemma. log booking can b a burden, 2 easy to get cynical.
    hairdressers r salon owning channel 31 viewers - 4 some of the best pee dee drama.
    can see the av. jo problem but.
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    Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller!!
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    mm what would you like this to do for you ?
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    ring the barbers federation committee.

    can tell u that there is a blow up city crisis db8 at pro cess before Xmas.

    richy rich meiers coming next year. T02 white concrete his 1000 y church is made of is out there.
    be a talk not to miss if gets techy. assuming he gets techy and nos anything about that side of creation.
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    wouldn't pay 5 dollars for a pee dee evening with any of these all stars.
    - specifier interviews from back in the day.
    read this in your spare time and log it - high class stuff.
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    M_M surely there are other in kind options to develop professionally? Seems that if its business you're in to then ring Deloitte's. By the way, tell me this isn;t you?
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    very interesting list hd
    been drivin black shirts around after their long lunches and pats on the back for a great year.....
    best cpd evenings......
    hagues is the joke of mexico.....
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