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Brain Surgery



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    internationally zombies "communicate" in a basic lingua franca - undead frankish /or/ a debased and decaying english underpinned by mediterranean medieval dialects/and,or/expressed in the 21st century as the universal mumbled chant of the shuffling mob - "Learning from main street". (?). Zombies claim the system of bigoted grunts, simple chants and dribbling that governs flocking by the undead is english. Until a zombie reaches advanced physical putrification, the living can only recognise them through subtle signs - dragging the left shoe, persistent mumbling peppered with memorised "meaningless multicultural quotations/nationalist slogans/2nd tier racist putdowns" suited to the limited memory available in the spinal cortex.
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    In the CITY OF ZOMBIES the last critics left undead are the sports writers.
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    + the first thing to die is thinking?
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    In the early stages the extremities turn green.
    It is already too late for any city that exhibits this symptom.
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    then centres of neurological activity turn into beige bone.
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    In the CITY OF ZOMBIES buildings below the 90th percentile have architectural body parts exchanged for BRANDED components to avoid confusing the flock of the undead and to indicate the significant.
    20th C brainwashing becomes a thing of the past as the living die off or r infected.
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    The process has been ongoing for 40 years. The Unnecessary but living 10% of the City was overcome and converted by zombies to dead tissue through a process of patient attrition.
    Advance guard zombies aided by perfume and make up were able to mask brain death, a shuffling gait and attack and infect new growth within months of its first appearance without the lazy living ever suspecting.
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    to know where we belong.......
  • ^8

    At least be honest and put it in context HD
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    A bit rich coming from an insecure homophobe such as HD
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    Please everyone lay off everyone else - ie respect if not in agreement. (In a pleading tone) This is a forum for discussion of architecty things, not tit for tat. Newbies should be encouraged, not shut out.


    PS doing some work on the styles, so let's know if anything ain't looking right in your browser.
    Also trying to get that iPhone thingo working on the forum, may take a while to figure out.
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    ^^^ - honesty + contextualism
    9 alternatives Andi?

    a/ u r not really anti n? --- (ie wot makes u think its about u?)
    b/ if was a zombie lurch at a hair trigger then its on topic. (Ask any Indian if your wondering)
    c/ the hairdresser cans the hairdresser.
    d/ the cabbie cans the hairdresser.
    context addendum
    e/ the hairdresser cans the cabbie.
    f/ creationist hagues green rate themselves.
    g/ hagues believes in 20thC multiculturalism, a national lingua franca + the underclass.
    h/ hagues repeats the mantra of the undead - there is no time only distance.
    i/ dumb arse hairdresser calls hagues grave diggers not zombies.

    if b,f, h or i - on topic?
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    ^^^ wealth + riches.
    2 alternatives.

    1/- arseimulate + brand if u have 2 - just don't bite me unless your only pavlov's dog.

    times move on, 2nd decade of 21C. - topic is digestion and the undead,
    your interest in an artificial controversy re widespread MOR taste & use of the intestinal tract/gullet sexually is antique - manufacturing plastic outrage was shifted off shore last century.

    - as before HD says 2 u living women r not objects.

    2/ andi says Rem Koolhas is a zombie.
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    Looks a little leafy to me to be a green zombie brain. My vote is for lettuce.

    "Lactucarium (or “Lettuce Opium”) is a mild opiate-like substance that is contained in all types of lettuce. Both the Romans and Egyptians took advantage of this property eating lettuce at the end of a meal to induce sleep." (wikipedia)
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    does it work with plastic lettuces ?????
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    - u might have something peter.
    makes sense @ the end of noughties orgy.
    (tune up 4 site is fresh on the eye - like the building overlooking at top of page).

    ^ doubt it cabbie.. but its something for zombies to throw in with polymer capsicum and nylon spaghetti in the salad?
  • edited January 2010
    So HD - are you saying that the sneak peak of The Rocks public housing over the top ledger is a prol thing or just a bit of banana bender sneaking/jamming the cockys?
  • edited January 2010
    zombie sure .....
    maybe the Mexicans are going ACTing ala POT HEADS ...
    nothing wrong with that surely?
    mull.jpg 133.2K
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    no luke - (but overlooking paranoia is the first symptom the formerly living express after being infected through a zombie bite).

    - saying imbedded zombies wearing technology as bling have no fears about digging graves and act automatically according 2 a uniquely mexican oxymoronic blend of multicultural racism + misogynist bigotry (aka self hate) expressed with a polite policeman insistance for mandatory lingua franca as communication - underscored by indignation that gps assisted 21C cab travel is not undertaken on an imaginary smooth postcard surface according to a fictional line flown by a murder of crows between main street and dormitory suburb while chanting in queens english the photocopied photocopy answer-all-creationist-mantra and reply of the undead 2 property title inquiries by the living - "all artists r gay, all gays r male, all women r objects, all objects r architecture, all artists r gay, all.....".

    a zombie can be detected by a logic slip that occurs after the 4th step in discourse (zombie speak 4 what the living think of as argument).

    magistrates isolated from random street attacks where they might be bitten r not infected yet.
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    Righteo HD.

    Get your drift, there are plants ..............and there is Weed.
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    ....Activate Operation Wet Lettuce.
    orders of the Queen darling.
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    by the suburbs lie deserted, the sound of industrious shovels silenced.
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    the undead r drawn.....but by ?
  • edited 9:55AM
  • edited January 2010
    or is it the smell of lettuce.
  • edited 9:55AM
    growing vertically
  • edited 9:55AM
    the dyke bouncers retreat....
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