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    must be - just got a dose.
    All hail the internet.
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    The State Govt. Architect of Victoria has spoken. Its hard to see how the majority of architects will not be impressed.
    He does not have a role in the Victorian Planning Act 1987.
    An informal protocol exists between his office and DPDC and minutes of meetings are not kept.
    His recollections are vague.
    He does not provide advice to private individuals, firms or companies, fortunately he is more than happy to view plans of developer schemes over coffee before applications are submitted - so long as its with a graphic designer. page 10.

    By his own admission its hard to see exactly why the State of Victoria or any other state or territory of Australia really needs a Govt. Architect. They don't do anything or have any defined and visible role?
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    ^ Is that HD being dug up from a shallow grave?
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    Vice Chairman Hoz has dropped AIA new speak, General Can't Come is flogging a dead horse to get an erection. The VSGa's paternalist amplifier and vintage design feedback megaphone were fed to the shredder when the hackaccountant was back-doored? Hox and Hoy are off at the embalmers getting a makeover.
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    Predictable, an office drop-out with a white cane calling for design vision ....or is M you the GA's ouiga board?
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