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Maternity Leave Policies in the Industry

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Hi Everyone,
Maternity Leave can be a bit of a touchy issue for some of us in the Built Environment industry but I am starting this discussion to see what any offices around Melbourne and Australia are doing in terms of maternity leave.
My understanding of the current government policy is that a pregnant woman who leaves her position from her office (across all industries) will have her position held for her for 12 months (52 weeks) if she chooses to return. However, there are some offices around town (within our industry) which offer a bit more than this such as paid parental support after returning, 4-6 weeks of paid maternity leave before her due date, and/or part time work arrangements after her return.
I do not wish to enter into a discussion about the merits of paid maternity leave so if you feel that the basic premise of paid maternity leave is worth debating, please start another discussion. I'm hoping that some of you will reply with what your own offices provide (names not required) and especially if it exceeds the basic 52 weeks of job retention.
Any feedback of offices you work at, or know of would be most appreciated and, in advance, thank you for your time!


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    When's the baby due?
  • NN
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    It's just a general question about our industry. It's not for me, but more something I've been thinking about recently now that I've been working for a few years.
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    A young lady whom we just recently employed was sacked by her previous employer after she informed them she was pregnant. But she wasn't working for an architect. Don't assume your job is safe.
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    Hi N
    FYI here's the word from the ACA Victoria employment agreement which some use. Anecdotally I haven't heard of anyone giving more, or less.

    Parental Leave
    1.1You are entitled to parental leave in accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009 and the National Employment Standards. Parental leave is currently 12 months leave without pay for the birth or adoption of a child.
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