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Quiz #1

edited August 2010 in Q and A
After which fairly obscure architect was a prime time televison programme named, perhaps unfairly?

The programme is currently running.

Prize is a momentary feeling of superiority.


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    Peej you know I love this stuff. . .
    The ABC's 'Gruen Transfer' is named after Victor [?] Gruen the somewhat famous shopping-mall architect.
    Blame him for Chaddie et al.
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    Blame Ken Myer for Chaddie
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    Fascinating link Mark. Though it does point to Gruen's influence in the later stages of the design.

    An elderly past employee of Gruen's once told me that Victor would be rolling in his grave if he knew how his name had been transformed into a label for the mesmerising effect he apparently tried to fight.

    "Our eyes glaze over, our jaws slacken, we forget what we came for and become impulse buyers."

    I had known it as the 'Gruen Effect'.
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    Oh, and well done Dharma Bum, I hope you enjoyed your victory.
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