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small job

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I have a really small altaeration that I couldn't say no to. I looked at the RAIA fee scales and they don't apply to jobs under 40K. If I draw a line along the curve I end up charging about 30% of the construction cost. This seems a bit steep but is probably right. Anyone have any advice? Should I just ditch it and tell them to go straight to a builder?



  • N3N3
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    I am not an Australian architect, but imagine you could charge your client by the hour for you work. Some small works can demand a lot more time than others. An hourly rate in instances like this is fair and can concentrate the mind of a client to take decisions, because he/she can feel their money ebbing away. I did suggest this one time to a client - they thought it was a ploy of mine to milk a bit more money, it wasn'ts so I charged a fee based on an hourly estimate. The client would have paid less if he took the first option.
    I admit I am talking about "nixers" here - jobs on the side.
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    Thanks for that N3.
    I find clients get put off by hourly rates, especially on small projects cos they're watching every dollar - so will probvably quote an hourly rate up to a maximum price (which I hope I guess right). ANd I'll load my agreement up with conditions, otherwise will end up doing 15 versions for them and having 3 hour meetings every week.
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