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Silly Building Names



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    Roi in North Fitzroy, by architects Bird de la Coeur.
    Is this
    a) a frenchified abbreviation of Fitzroy?
    b) french for "king". Pronounced rwah.
    c) the acronym for Return On Investment?
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    Update from Brisbane
    Also near the names on the river bend:

    Waters Edge
    Terrace Row
    Urban Harmony

    Names and architecture are commensurate
    The river is within spewing distance
  • sodsod
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    i think toorak is close in aboriginal pronunciation to shitbird
  • b_nb_n
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    On the geographically challenged, below is an older version in St Kilda (some streets away from the bay) Bondi - Como - Manly?
  • b_nb_n
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    duplicate post removed - ignore
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    They are getting desparate. How about 'Point de Mer' in Beaumaris. Or should it be Beaumarais?
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    Real estate humbug of the week.
    Roi apartments ad in last Sat's Domain:

    Manages to combine 3 of my least favourite words in one line.
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    Blackman - St Kilda Road: edgy, boutique interior

    Coco - Windsor

    Zen Apartments - The Harmony Collection (Melbourne)
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    The Roi in Fitzroy. Obviously a 'container' for Bogans. BTW have you seen the marketing images? A recent one has more bamboo than building. Mmmm. Homey. Nice if you are a Panda.
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    ^ brissy footy players social fund project?
    looks like a rhino designed it.

    best bit is the way dudes market base level rating compliance as if it were top shelf ESD.
    6 stars = get a building permit just - no?

    wots the cobblers sat on building down in railyards called. anyone know?
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    Rue de Chapel in Prahran. How embarrassing!
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    Not sure which is more irrelevant - Rue de Chapel or Prahran?
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    Neither are luke. Ilk on Toorak Road may be. What a screamingly funny name for welfare housing for aspirationals.
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    funny how paris doesn't have a melbourne end to any of its streets hey.
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    They don't seem to be touting the other end of Collins St as the "New York end" like they were a few years ago.

    While we're down that end, the staffers' project nickname for the 558m Grollo Tower when it was on the boards at DCM in '95 - Hard On Collins.
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    very don't come to have an imaginary erection.
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    makes up for all inadequacies.....a
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    ...........Paris does have a Melbourne end. It's at the dodgey end of Boulevarde de Sebastopol, where the kabab joints are.
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    ha ha ha.

    ,,,,tho i hear de sal contractors call it as Route Centrale out of Le Frette-sur-Seine, a delightful riverside boulevard.
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    Yet again, the Benders come close and trip
    Not enough $$$ for the 's' on the signage?

    The Go Between Bridge
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    Conversely, but in the same vein
    Got the name right, but got the bridge so wrong

    The Kurilpa Bridge
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    bland boring and provincial - perfect.

    but at least its not a buffoon being piss elegant tarting up a view of nothing.
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    Polishing a turd?

    PS. What's Mrs Pallas's role on the project?
  • edited March 2010
    ^ timid's role was to [** deleted **]

    fair crack - but not a turd mate.
    its marxicos only hill, a drive through sacrificial altar and a gateway to landscaped grounds where kangaroos graze in front of the neo-modherdist family tenarse courts.
    with pimping will be up 2 scratch with northwest turdstile to the paddock by can't comes - a gerocratic musing on drains, their lost youth in germany and air conditioned coffins by the 18th hole.
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    The Face St Kilda.

    A touch of the slumping Dalis... or a Tim Tam.

    DOMAIN: St Kilda's newest and most significant luxury apartment development is now available. Right in the heart of the action with views to Luna Park, the development is located on the corner of Acland and Carlisle Streets. By renowned architects Ashton Raggatt McDougall. As Ian McDougall says “the design embraces the idiosyncrasies of St Kilda, a community of the surreal where the local and exotic mix.”

    Marketers say:
    "Elevate living to an art form"
    "Inspired by the eclectic spirit of St Kilda-ness" (who is St Kilda Ness?)
    "The Face breaks new ground" (face plant?)
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    "Daling it hurts."
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    ^stinkers aren't sinkers?
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    No brainer.

  • edited March 2010
    ha ha ha.

    but.........cobblers r literalarians.
    =>split brown glove = just front for empty skull + indiscriminate propping.

    arsesimulation + commentary of centrelink = the 80s sightghast.
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