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Silly Building Names



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    ^5@ HD. I read that......Bet all the windows are open after Ernestine let rip that ripe silent fart.
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    OK, what is this pie Eskimos have. I do not understand.
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    @ Gh, I put HD through a google translation and got this.
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    and the cobblers reckon its not about taste hey?
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    It will definitely increase property values in Noosa.
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    FROM 'THE AGE' 21/09/2010

    An original idea
    THIS is Melbourne, not New York. We have an apartment development in Melbourne called Tribeca, as if the name meant something here. In New York it refers to Triangle Below Canal. What is it supposed to signify in East Melbourne?

    Now a development called Upper West Side is being advertised. Melbourne's CBD, unlike New York's Manhattan, does not have an East or West Side, or an Upper or Lower area. What is this name supposed to mean?

    When are we going to stop imitating others and choose names for developments that draw from Victoria and Australia instead of New York and Europe? The borrowed names are not only meaningless here, they are silly and unimaginative.

    D... G...., North Carlton
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    I'm guessing this is a quiz.

    1. A$#ehole of the World.

    2. A$#ehole of Australia.

    3. Probably never.

    and sherlock holmes can get farked.
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    Haha that discussion is so crazy! I couldn't imagine ending up talking about nonsense! However the worst building name is Big Hippo in Weston.pokies

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    More nonsense apartment building speak. 450 Smith St: YOUANDI (should live together)
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