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USYD BArch Evaluation and Work Experience

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Hi I am studying building design at uni atm and prob like to do architecture next year at USYD.

Just wondering if any one recently have done BArch at USYD and have their feedback about the degree??

Also am interested in doing some work experiece once a week or so at a arch practice. Just wondering if anyone who whats the best way to find a work experience place??



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    This post may be useful in regards to your second question:
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    I think its quite hard to find an architecture firm to take you in once a week unless you are there to draft. So get cracking with autocad.

    Theres no one from USYD here? Ive heard they are mroe traditional than UTS and UNSW. Im from UNSW and my experience have been a positive one so far but ive been away for a year and theres been some major changes. Glenn murcutt is apparently teaching a studio though. that might not be a plus in your books.

    Anyway. What is building design? i havent heard of such a course being offered. you might be able to get credit for it but im not sure missing first year is such a good idea.

    Architecture is a long and hard course requiring dedication hard work and most of all passion.
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