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Perth Youth Issue

edited September 2006 in architecture
Hi all!
I am currently doing some research regarding Perth youth issue, that may link to urban phenomenon.
I had observed around the city area and found not much problems with the youth here.
Anyway, the only things that called my attention is the grafitti arts. But i am not sure if the grafitti is produced by the youth?
I am looking forward to hear from you of all things related to Perth youth! Thanks!


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    You remind me of a certain fascist dictator.

    seriously. what constituites a 'youth problem'. and more importantly what do you see as the fix?

    Most people here are the arty farty types so i don;d imagine you'll get the responses you are after.

    some graftiti are government funded community projects.

    I consider state approved media brainwash of youth in china a problem. everyone behaves and loves hello kitty.
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    What is "research regarding Perth youth issue". What is 'urban phenomenon'? How do you 'observe around the city'? It will be hard for anyone to offer anything useful based on your post.

    I don't think graffiti can be seen as a sign of a problem - refer this post:

    FBE: I think calling someone a fascist dictator amounts to flaming. Please keep it constructive.
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    Ok. 'Person who is partial to autocratic rule' it is. :D
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