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Value of RAIA membership?

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What is the value of RAIA membership other than title protection? I am interested in any stories about one on one RAIA interaction with architects and how RAIA helped etc. :?:


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    no one has anything they want to contribute?
  • 3am3am
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    It all depends. Value is in the eye of the beholder.

    If you were, say, a well connected celebrity architect and RAIA member who entered an RAIA endorsed competition run by your employer, and worked as a promoter, consultant and adviser to that competition, and then went on to win the competition (all of this contrary to RAIA endorsement conditions, obvs.), then the RAIA could be relied upon to dismiss any complaints against you as "frivolous and/or vexatious".

    In this case the $10,000 prize money would represent excellent value for an investment of $715 in Institute membership fees.

    On the other hand, if you are just a normal architect, you would probably think $715 is a bit steep for one year's membership of an self-important, old-school-tie type of operation that still thinks the "Royal" part of its name is something it should continue to cling to in Australia in 2007. If you were such an architect, and had cause to complain to the Institute about a scenario like that outlined above, then the Institute would probably fob you off for over 12 months, by which time your subscription would have fallen due again, and you might be starting to form the view that you could get better value for your $715 elsewhere.

    Why do you ask?
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    curiosity.. just trying to get a handle on the real value in membership... and what the RAIA actually DOES with it's members hard-earned...

    1. promote architecture
    2. organise seminars
    3. "administer" competitions
    4. title “protection”
    5. ….?
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