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name that building #1

edited August 2008 in Q and A
Could someone Sydney-side please identify the architect and name of this building in Macquarie St please.


  • b_nb_n
    edited September 2008
    It's the Supreme Courts Building, Queens Square. McConnel, Smith and Johnson architects. Not sure of the date, 70's one would think.

    There is a brief history on the Supreme Court website and again on the MSJ website:

    Apparently some interesting interior work, purpose designed octagonal court rooms, behind that great facade. Difficult to tell if it's operable? Photos I've tracked down would seem to suggest it is, except they also seem to show the same composition of opened and closed elements.

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    Thanks b n, there was me thinking it was a telecom exchange from the looks of it.... obviously in need of a sydney refresher.
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    This building is currently getting the floor to ceiling window treatment and a new facade. Good reuse I suppose, but I'll miss the old beast.
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