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edited December 2008 in architecture
hague bec TON shopping trolley V hairdressers fridge door.

"none of you have tackled my last point that a top tenner is a completely subjective listing that reveals no more than your own personal stylistic preferences and certainly doesn't analyse architecture as you imagine...............blah......blah........blah".


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    RRR architecture show top 10.....blah blah blah.........contextualises melbourne internationally?
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    the pensioner of stradbroke counts his pennies - reads the labels of tinned pet food - and keeps a keen eye on specials. each meal is self contained in the tin. a list is irrelevant. scissors and coupons essential.

    hairdresser likes to make a meal of lists.

    context is/is not canned?
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    A list of ingredients is a very different thing to a list of stand alone items indeed.
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    not sure there is a thing that is a pure list of stand alone items.
    even a shopping list of tinned cat food for a dog owner says something?

    lists are cultural?
    the hippie sage - man'o drawn & quartered annus - shows the problems of providing internet
    access to remote communities like straddy.
    ponds and sandpits incubate eye colour/hair shade anti urban blood and soil cults?
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    On the Twelfth Day of Christmas,

    My true love sent to me

    Twelve drummers drumming,

    Eleven pipers piping,

    Ten lords a-leaping,

    Nine ladies dancing,

    Eight maids a-milking,

    Seven swans a-swimming,

    Six geese a-laying,

    Five golden rings,

    Four calling birds,

    Three French hens,

    Two turtle-doves,

    And a partridge in a pear tree!
    According to the 24th annual survey, the cost of the PNC CPI is $21,080 in 2008, $1,573 more than last year. The PNC CPI exceeds the U.S. government’s Consumer Price Index – the widely used measure of inflation calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Consumer Price Index is up 3.7 percent this year. The core CPI has increased 2.2 percent since Oct. of 2007.
    Be careful what you list for...
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    Here's a list for the christmas spirit,  just to show that I am not ignorant or disrespectful of other peoples beliefs just because I hold another. Seasons greetings.
    'The twelve days of christmas' was written down during the tudor period in England at the end of the hundred years war in Europe between protestants and catholics. It uses some pre christian (Pagan) stories and contempory military references to talk about catholic rituals at a time when Catholicism was forbidden. At that time in England, Roman Catholics were persecuted and couldn't openly profess thier faith, so it was originally a secret hymn. (Anti RC laws were repealed in 1826). In France it was Protestants who were being persecuted, hence the reference to the three graces as French Hens. The pipers and drummers were traditonal messagers. The colly bird refers to the 'Collyridians' who were an early Arabian sect of Chritianity whose main contribution to the western church ritual was the Shiraz wine and the offering of bread at the alter. The partridge is a bird that has a hobbling dance in its mating ritual and was used as a symbol of the sun king in Pagan ritual. As Jesus was the last Sun King and had had nails driven through his feet the partridge, with its hobbling dance, was a perfect symbol of Jesus. The pear tree is a domestic decendant of the quince tree. Its name was originally 'Once' (pronounced without the modern w) which was also the name, in middle Europe, of Athene the mother of sacred kings in Greek mythology, she who is 'in the beginning' as it were and whose general worship in Pagan Europe gave all story tellers including those who wrote the bible 'Once upon a time' which is the vernacular equivalent of 'In the beginning'   Therefore...
    The partridge in a pear tree is Jesus in his mothers arms
    The two turtle doves are the old and new testament
    The three Fench Hens are faith, hope and charity (or love 'tri'umphant)
    The four colly birds are the four gospels
    The five gold rings recall the Torah, the first five books of the old testament
    The six geese-a-laying are the six days of creation
    Seven swans-a-swimming are the sevenfold gifts of the spirit
    The eight maids-a-milking are the eight beatitudes
    The nine ladies dancing are the nine fruits of the spirit
    The ten pipers piping are the ten commandments
     The eleven drummers drumming are the eleven faithful disciples
    The twelve lords-a-leaping are the twelve points of belief in the Apostolic Creed
    Looking deeper into something reveals that a list is a whole lot more than the sum of it's parts, but not looking deeper makes it a list with no meaning which just makes even a list listless. Still, it's a nice song.
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    the list is a song.
    don't think about it - just sing it.

    happy hanukkah
  • To think about something as one does it is human. To just do it is divine
    But to think about something before you just do it is architecture.
  • b_nb_n
    edited December 2008
    To think about something before you do it is (considered) wise.

    To make it sing, that's architecture.
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    Mmmh, scrunch, grmmmmedup... mmmm. Well, while you were all talking amongst yourselves, I've just polished off the three faithufl French Hens. The two turtle doves are next if I can shell them.
    To think about something is human, to eat said thing allows you to continue thinking about other things and and how you might get around to eating them too. Then one might sing, as in having a bit of a party, which of course requires the raising of the roof.
    Toward the end of the night, once the roof is up, then participants may start to list a little...
  • SS "But to think about something before you just do it is architecture."
    B-n "To think about something before you do it is (considered) wise. To make it sing, that's architecture."
    Exactly what I said but with more words.
    Birds sing because they just do it and so do humans. 
    Happy New Year, Amen.
  • sodsod
    edited 3:43AM
    the first six words were the same - you left out the wise and singing bits.
    thinking about something before you do it doesn't necessarily make architecture - you rate thinking to highly or your own thoughts anyway.
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    We may well remember that architecture is the thing with feathers.
    Unless it's been plucked...
    Plenty of people think before they do things, in fact, I imagine it would be hard to do otherwise for something like designing a building - and not just acting without "thinking" as in many Zen pursuits. I think the case is more one of thinking the right things and producing something feathered to boot is what might be considered good architecture.
    Study the owl as suggested by b_n
    Bring back THOUGHT CRIME!
    Attached is the U.S. Capitol building, from a bird's eye view.
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  • I have a little list, but yours is even litttler.
    Have a great new year all of you!
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    less is more?
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    More or less.
    No list, no less.
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    12 hours ago.

    musta been a quiet news year out on straddy!
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