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Nominated Architect

edited October 2011 in Q and A
Hi Guys.
One of my first Questions.
I have been asked to be a nomninated architect for an up and coming small practise.
The Director wants me to get involved in their work. Especially medium density.
My question if I say yes what should i charge??? Because I am thinking a percentage of the fee??


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    Hi eye,
    could you be more specific about what your current role is at the practice? If you are a nominated architect for the practice that would mean you are on a salary? Getting some sort of percentage cut of a project fee sounds unlikely and problematic.
  • eyeeye
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    Do you have any suggestions as to what the salary might be as i have my own private work and at the moment it is on a percentage basis.
    As a registered Architect I feel he should not be taking on this type of work but he does not inform his clients of this. What is the best way to move forward this is what is on my mind all the time.
    Peter I am not on a salary as yet, I am between opening my own office and working fulltime again-hope this helps.
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    eye mate,
    another one playing pretend.
    don't do it,
    its your PI at risk.
    suggest to them to become a registered building practioner its not a hard process.
    that'll be $8.50 thanks
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