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  • I've updated the forum software as the previous version was about to conk out. Same software as I've had since 2008, it just looks completely different because it's the future now.
    in welcome Comment by peter December 2018
  • Predictable responses from everyone concerned in that article. Not clear whether they are wanting to cover costs, or are trying to dissuade poor people from objecting using alcopop & tobacco style wallet-focused disincentives. Use a market-t…
  • Hey that's what the walls were telling me. I felt accused, guilty, and non-mollycoddled just standing in the cells. Maybe it affected the write up (yet to see issue). Apparently the holding cells had to be government issue grey, white, and cold. Put…
  • FYI Victorian Government Architect Geoffrey London and NZIA president Richard Harris talk to National Radio in New Zealand about the role of the givernment architect and the need for one in New Zealand. London describes his role as advocacy of good…
  • So now, after criticism that Docklands is soulless and sterile, something not helped by the Collins boulevard of banks, they've decided to plant trees in the next precinct, and plant expensive pied-à-terres next to them. 21st Century East Melbourne?…
  • ^ Luke that looks like a trashy B grade '50s sci-fi that I haven't seen. Please name.
  • No, it is still Hayballs, I had the wrong one. Doing clever stuff with concrete. http://www.hayball.com.au/projects.html#/projects/leicester-street
  • Think this is the only decent thing on the street - unless I've been too busy negotiating Gehl bike lanes to notice. Precast interest but no orange glass skirt: http://hayball.clientstage.com.au/uploads/AIA_2009_Canada.pdf http://www.hayball.c…
  • Also note to all that there is a NOTIFY widget on the right now, to NOTIFY you (ie by email).
  • Yeah I think you are going to end up with the highest score, HD, Well done.
  • So. If I moderate, people spit tacks. If I don't moderate other people tell me I'm "destroying all that hard work". If I get everyone to moderate I've somehow become a planning minister's minion.
  • A slide show assembled by those trying to save Robin Hood Gardens. Jonathan Glancey's take on it all. Streets in the sky? "For everyday families... it's not quite right."
    in Brutalism Comment by peter August 2009
  • I'm not sure yet - something to do with your score on the right, which goes up every day. Maybe a limit of votes per day. Should be a help button on the right somewhere, or here: http://www.butterpaper.com/vanilla/extension.php?PostBackAction=About…
  • Know what you mean HD. I am toing and froing on the issue. Nett result though, in architects buying jobs, is that fee % expectations lower and suddenly you find you can't afford to replace the stapler.
  • Info, way back to post #1: This leaves the NSWGA - who is a dedicated and (most telling) resourced public servant - with no commercial ties. An independent position within an enabling government department subject to probity probes but able to …
  • The bushfire rebuilding frenzy is in full flight, using a lot of unpaid design work by architects, for individuals, charities, and the government. To anyone involved, how is it going? I've been personally involved in a project, and will try to su…
    in Pro Bono Comment by peter August 2009
  • Forgot to say, I received this last month: Hi Peter ,thank you so much, @hairdresser found it, it was http://www.fergusscottarchitects.com.au/ Could you please thank him for that and everyone else? I dont want to create an account just for …
  • I have recently heard from three architects with middling-to-big names that they refuse to touch council tenders where the fee is a big chunk of the evaluation criteria, and where design merit is a much smaller chunk - or not a chunk at all. No doub…
  • Seems fire danger will not be legislated away. NEWS: "It doesn't matter what your house is built out of, it doesn't matter what your roof is made of, it doesn't matter if you've got windows or no windows, your house is going to burn down in a fire…
  • More on what happens when unpopular cities contract.. this is what real green walls look like. Detroit feral houses: http://www.sweet-juniper.com/2009/07/feral-houses.html
    in Obecity Comment by peter August 2009
  • Reminder on the post 7 up ^. Thanks to those who have amended. HD: More on that fuse that they should have addressed please. Miles: Why did the AA indigenous housing issue get your goat? http://www.archmedia.com.au/aa/aaissue.php?issueid=200809
  • Probably, but I haven't heard from him.
  • Complaints incoming. Sexism is below the belt. Please rephrase any offending posts or I may have to chop the whole thread.
  • Hi Beatriz Complex links with punctuation just don't seem to work. The authentication problem should go away if you just push post again. I am working on fixes for both but it is taking a while as the forum software is very complex.
    in help Comment by peter August 2009
  • Japan Times 2008 - on Venice: http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/fa20081009a1.html Some use the architecture of the pavilions themselves to evoke an idea, such as the Belgian pavilion's haunting empty spaces filled with confetti, alluding to…
  • Hmmm... seems we have always been into comprehensive displays of product/produce. Compare. AR on Dominion displays at 1938 Glasgow Exhibition. http://ndpbeta.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/2495933
  • Welcome Mr Kite. For those with dodgy eyesight (staring at screens too late at night), this issue is online here: http://digital.crowtherblayne.com.au/default.aspx?xml=raia.xml
  • Thanks Michael.
  • Advertorial is not encouraged round these parts. There is a sub froum where it can go - called "LINKS", or email me the link to put in the queue for  the main links library.
  • Not clear enough - I meant "bad to have it glossed", not "badly glossed". Not too clever with the language at 2am. Now what was the topic again...