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Muddle will ensue

I just stumbled on what looks like a valuable tool for researchers. The NLA has been quietly shifting thousands of old newspapers into a searchable digital format. The current date range available to search is 1803 to 1954.

An example from the Melbourne Argus, 1 February 1922:

Modern Architecture – Labour-saving arrangements
bq. ln the kitchen there are built-in cupboards, which are flush with the walls, for the reception of groceries and other commodities, and most convenient of all is a window which opens from the yard outside into a square safe of fly-wire. This safe can be also opened from the kitchen, and the orders for the tradesmen are written on a slate and left there. Thus when the butcher calls he reads what is required for’ next day, and he leaves to-day’s, supply in the safe. The milkman does the same, also the baker and grocer; so there is no time spent in waiting to see what is needed. Of course these contrivances need method to make them efficient, but without simple rules of management, muddle will ensue, no matter how energetic and industrious the housewife may be.

Here are some sketches by Messrs Stephenson and Meldrum of the new St Vincents Hospital builing in Melbourne, of the nurse’s dining rom and the lobby. (The Argus March 5th, 1932 )

Stephenson and Meldrum

Stephenson and Meldrum

And how could I resist this ad, from The Argus, June 11th, 1927 .


Oh… a few more.
Ornament to Collins Street 1923 , by Messrs. Sydney Smith, Ogg, and Serpell
New Sydney Buildings 1923

Lastly, the Malachi Gilmore Memorial Hall in Oberon, now a craft shop, was dubbed “ultra-modern” in 1937, the year it was built. The suggestion that it is a “minor replica” of a pylon in Pharos leaves me scratching my head. ( Argus April 2nd 1937 )

oberon malachi gilmore hall / CC BY 2.0

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