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UQ school launched

UQ says the new architecture school by Donovan Hill has been “launched”… not much in the way of pics but the students sound happy enough.

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Posted by Peter on 24.08.09 in  and 

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And about time. One of the biggest reasons I didn’t pursue architecture as a major at UQ – their building was a horribly depressing 70s brown rabbit warren ! Spending more than 3 years in that thing would have sent me round the twist.

by Sean on 25/08/09 ·#

FWIW I study there and in response to Sean this building is better than a lot on campus (even before the renovation). If you think Zelman Cowan is bad, you’re lucky you didn’t study vet which I did before a career change. And besides that Architecture is something which “calls” you and the quality of the building which houses it should never have put you off if you really wanted it.

by Rick on 25/08/09 ·#

ADR has found some photos:

by peter on 26/08/09 ·#

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