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Trust not liking Windsor curtains

The National Trust has launched a SAVE THE WINDSOR website. They don’t mean the Queen.

Is it really necessary that the Windsor become a huge 332 room, five star hotel with rooftop swimming pool, gym, three cafes, huge new function room, business suites, meeting rooms, a glass atrium – and only 35 ‘heritage rooms’ in what would be left of the original building ?

THE WINDSOR 31.05.09

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Posted by Peter on 08.10.09 in 



the national trust are anglican wankers and architectural fakes.
sold their souls on the shard at fed square – orifice licking tools of thwaites and molesworth who were after a cheap shot at kennett but had no credible aggenda of their own other than the negative.
Sad to see the windsor go but happy to pay the price to see them wince on their way to florentinos for their 1950s spag bol. price of the dull if in doubt grid her out curtain is worth it.

by hairdresser on 09.10.12, 01:49 am ·#

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