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Messenger or Salesman?

Christopher Hawthorne at the LA Times draws a long bow and suggests Julius Shulman’s love of modern architecture and wide open spaces helped to feed the suburban lifestyle aspirations of late 20th Century Angelenos. He thinks this angle should have been examined in the recent biopic on Shulman. And I thought he was just taking good photos.

OK the film was a lightweight. I’m not sure this was a fault though – it’s not so bad if a film leaves you feeling like you’ve been out on a Sunday drive with a nonagerian master of photography, visiting old haunts.

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wot – gimme a break – no bow, hawthorne is straight out wanker?
suburbs r universal post war scene. on da nose in overcrowded retrospection. LAs looked and feel killer. Soriano murdered as an architect. best of em all.

by hairdresser on 09.10.22, 09:00 pm ·#

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