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For those Melburnians who’ve managed to miss it so far, Callum Morton’s Valhalla installation closes on Saturday.

Replacing the usual showpiece of the Melbourne Festival, the Spiegeltent, Valhalla is the bombed out three quarter scale recreation of Morton’s childhood home in suburban Melbourne. Erected originally for the Venice Biennale in 2007, the unhomely home is the ghost of his old home, now demolished.

According to something I read somewhere, they had a spot of bother getting an occupancy permit to open this unoccupiable building. Maybe that’s why it is ringed in scaffolded ramps and stairs that make it appear a lot like the Luna Park Ghost Train building. At a recent lunchtime talk, Morton said he was quite happy with the piece’s new sideshow status. People at least are aware that they can go inside for a thrilling corporate-seismic experience. In Venice, sitting on a patch of grass in the Giardini, not too many realised they could pop their heads in.

He said he needed to do something to his home so that it avoided nostalgic sentimentality. Bombing a house designed by his father suggests he isn’t looking back with rose-tinted glasses. The waiting surprise upon entering the polystyrene ruin stems from his interest in contrasting opposites. He wasn’t giving the game away much more than that.

callum morton - valhalla


callum morton

callum morton

It was more Full Metal Jacket + Being John Malkovich, than Valhalla, a resting place for Norse warriors. Wikipedia informs me that another Valhalla exists in Victoria, should you miss this one.

Morton has been busy in the Netherlands too, working with architects to construct his first real building. Once again the inside is not of the outside. Here it is: Grotto 09

morton in tilburg

2011: Video found at

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#1 – the bombed house is nonsense #2 – air-conditioning detail inside cave inside a glass box is also nonsense ….. two faced action should be limited to our political industry

by luke on 25/10/09 ·#

don’t you get it luke, its art?

by cabbie on 25/10/09 ·#

prefer ricky swallow myself.
liens collect this mormon stuff – draw your own conclusions.
but i wouldn’t be caught dead liking anything those bogans r into. ha ha ha.
like cabbie said its art.

by hairdresser on 26/10/09 ·#

What’s to get? It’s not art and its definately not architecture. But can see commercial baby boomers being interested in it. Next fad will be their water colour sets ….

by luke on 29/10/09 ·#

like everything in mexico, it involves ‘in jokes’
if your not in then you don’t get it
guess your not in luke.

by cabbie on 30/10/09 ·#

no worries then – happy to be out

by luke on 01/11/09 ·#

why worry – moretum is out of style.
seligs in.

by hairdresser on 01/11/09 ·#

cabbie-luke-hairdesser ..what a pack of pompous wannabe arseholes.i reckon morton is the bomb and to infer he is aligned with commercial baby boomers is so f***ed up. Stick with the craft, stick with your tiny blog universe cause that’s about the only world that listens.

by john fallow on 17/12/09 ·#

prefer selig mr. fellow when it cums to my $.
mortmans mexican hireony is a bit last century.

by hairdresser on 20/12/09 ·#

i wonder what you boys (must be boys) do all day? Hmmm..lets see..perhaps you work in a large arch office churning out renders or designing vents and spend your time bitching about everything because your’e essentially castrated. Dunno

by john fallow on 12/05/10 ·#

Post updated with a video of Callum at Valhalla.

by peter on 27/09/11 ·#

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