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shanghai pavilion

Here’s a pic of what Wood Marsh are up to in Shanghai for the upcoming expo. The government PR article it came in on makes nary a mention of the architects, as SA PRESIDENT pointed out in Twitterland. As Stuart Harrison said on the Architects radio show on Tuesday (after a visit), this one refers strongly to Wood Marsh’s 1990s ACCA building in Melbourne.

01.12.09 Here’s a pic sent in by Stuart. Singapore’s Pavilion is on the right.
shanghai pavilion

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Posted by Peter on 30.11.09 in buildings




looks nothing like acca, except for maybe the cladding/colour.
proves that some people don’t know shite from clay.
well done.

by cabbie on 09.12.01, 10:33 am ·#

if it is like ACCA it will have a huge mistake right above the front door.

by hairdresser on 09.12.01, 06:27 pm ·#

If that doesn’t look anything like ACCA.. then I don’t look anything like me Mum.

by peter on 09.12.01, 06:39 pm ·#

thats a shame….

by cabbie on 09.12.01, 06:52 pm ·#


by cabbie on 09.12.01, 06:55 pm ·#

PJ, r u sure about your dad?

by hairdresser on 09.12.01, 09:51 pm ·#

… the next Ayers Rock. Can Australia do anything on the world stage without embarrassing itself?

by luke on 09.12.04, 09:56 pm ·#

nup….softfistication is a forte….

by cabbie on 09.12.05, 06:40 am ·#

don’t mind it hacktually.
reckon the WMs r the right people 4 the job.
ACMI felt lame – but ayers rock with a disco inside has grown on me over time.

by hairdresser on 09.12.05, 10:00 am ·#

…. I guess it makes a change from the permanent disco on top of the rock

by luke on 09.12.05, 02:33 pm ·#

yeah put the disco inside it….brilliant idea…
core ten is the new black hd….
took a fare down to the great ocean road…
the marshalls have got some more freeway stuff on the new by-pass….pretty good…
although they could lose the lollie strips…

by cabbie on 09.12.05, 05:38 pm ·#

the aqua toilet block on the right looks kind of interesting

by luke on 09.12.07, 10:08 pm ·#

i notice they don’t fly the koori flag in the render.
only the hooniun jack. unusual these days not to have em both.

by hairdresser on 09.12.09, 09:10 am ·#

you’re not in nz now hd

by luke on 09.12.11, 10:43 pm ·#

australia is modern version of northern island – or as Barry Humpries says,
‘Australia is the Brisbane of the world.’

by luke on 09.12.11, 10:46 pm ·#

could be worse. think of being perth of the planet.

by hairdresser on 09.12.12, 12:03 pm ·#

It’s almost there.

by peter on 10.02.04, 12:00 pm ·#

turdlike tubes sticking out the sides r unfortunate.
wonder when they realised it was coming out as a shit sandwich instead of hairs rock?

by hairdresser on 10.02.04, 11:53 pm ·#

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