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Jakl's spaceship

Miles Jakl

When you’re in Canberra, it could be worth dining out on Red Hill at architect Miles Jakl’s 1964 spaceship restaurant, reopened in 2007 as Onred . The Oz reckon the lamb’s liver is worth checking out, if you’re into that kind of thing.

From what I can tell, Miles is still practicing in Los Angeles. Canberra House says the building was extended at some point by Enrico Taglietti.

» THE OZ 28.11.09

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Further on Miles Jakl, his only other commission in Canberra was a fine house in Deakin for the restaurateur owner of the above building, which he designed in 1967 prior to moving to LA.

by Martin on 09.12.07, 02:11 pm ·#

I am ver grateful to see my father’s legacy live on in the wonderful structures that he designed. He was very prolific, very gifted as a visionary and true artist and had the amazing talent of integrating his artistic concepts with total functionality and practicality. his clients loved him as an architect and as a humble, kind and gentle person, always anxious to please them. He is very much missed RIP

by Miles Jakl Jr MD on 12.10.28, 09:05 am ·#

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