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Greg Lynn on crystals

Greg Lynn does some cyrstal curtains for a crystal-making sponsor. 2,000,000 crystals welded into sails. Just what we need. The net effect is surprisingly unsurprising (on video at least). Lynn sounds remarkably polite when asked by the interviewer whether he had to work with an… architect to do the project.


I am reminded of another Krystle.


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wow…he’s still around…?

by cabbie on 10.01.29, 10:05 am ·#

one G L is like anutha G L.
bozos that r big, boring, banal + bearded.

by hairdresser on 10.01.29, 09:31 pm ·#

b b b…..b……..butttttt

by cabbie on 10.01.30, 03:00 am ·#

Crystal net – isn’t that illegal?
Besides, he pitched to the wrong scale – shold have kept it human and clad 6 well endowed strippers with crystals. This would have focused people’s attention.

by luke on 10.01.30, 12:27 pm ·#

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