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This could be the last chance to have a good look around the Naval and Military Club in Little Collins Street, Melbourne. The low-rise 1967 building with its distinctive arched windows is due to tumble soon, a new planning proposal having been approved for a Buchan designed 32 storey hotel and apartment complex.

The planning report ( PDF ) by the DPCD decided that the demolition of the building, “does not raise any issues relating to heritage.” Well that’s their point of view. Due to the proposal’s floor area, the decision was automatically referred to the Minister for Planning, bypassing council. The new building will cast shadows over the Melbourne Club’s nearby walled garden in the morning.

Penthouse Mouse is currently using the space for a, “temporary fashion store, arts and events space.” You can access most areas. The entrance is via the new (doomed?) building at the rear (on Coates Lane). The foyer is still being used by the Little Collins Hotel and can be entered from Little Collins Street.

PHM is open daily until 19th March, 11-9pm.

Many more slightly wobbly phone pics of the opening night here

As it is..
Naval and Military club
P.Johns 2010

Naval and Military club
H.Bui 2010

And as it will be..
Buchan Group

Buchan Group

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Isn’t that the new AIA marxican headquarters.

by luke on 10.03.14, 11:33 am ·#

u r right.

by hairdresser on 10.03.14, 11:40 am ·#

try driving round the city without the gps..
its all the same….????

by cabbie on 10.03.15, 10:31 am ·#

all burnt lattes served on try hard postcards with a view of nothing.

by hairdresser on 10.03.15, 06:05 pm ·#

yep…all the same…

by cabbie on 10.03.16, 12:27 pm ·#

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