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$152M on trucks and lifts

opera house trucks

NSW Premier Kristina Keneally yesterday announced that new tunnels for trucks would be constructed under the Sydney Opera House forecourt, and new lifts to service them. The aim is to prevent further tangles between tourists and heavy traffic in front of the building – there is an incident once every five days on average.

“The work that we are announcing today … will remove those heavy vehicles from the forecourt, it will make this building what [architect Jorn Utzon] imaged [sic] that it would be.” ( ABC )

That’s wishful thinking. The renovations required to complete Utzon’s interior designs are currently estimated at $800M. The opera house doesn’t expect this any time soon, and is just trying to get its hand on $50M to update ageing stage machinery.

Nevermind, the punters are more interested in the food:


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Isn’t this an expensive price to pay to fixup the Opera House? Perhaps the Government should get a second opinion and a second quote…

by Eli on 10.06.15, 10:27 pm ·#

Where does the estimate of $800M come from? There are a lot of estimates floating around for the full upgrade of the Opera Theatre but this exceeds any I have heard.

by Philip Nobis on 10.07.01, 01:12 pm ·#

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