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Hello Singapore

Taking an air-conditioned break from my traipsing about Singapore. It is relentlessly humid but hasn’t managed to rain once in the four days I’ve been here, even though there are meant to be monsoonal dumps in the late afternoon. Just as well as the umbrella is stuffed.

A new casino

clark quay
Mysteriously shaped external airconditioning units at Clark Quay.

Haw Par villa
Descent into Hell at Haw Par Villa

Contrasts in Little India

singapore construction
Another apartment tower being built across the street. Cranes are everywhere. Despite the low wages paid to the imported Indian workforce, rents will be over SGD $5000 per month for a two bedroom flat.

And now it rains!

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by James on 10.10.21, 08:46 pm ·#

Not sure if you publically transcribed oscitation was induced by Singapore, or my postcard post. If the latter, I suggest you could avoid a recurrence by seeking elsewhere the stimulation required to keep you awake and entertained.

by peter on 10.10.22, 11:19 am ·#


by James on 10.10.22, 05:37 pm ·#

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