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The cheek. Metricon probably got me most offside when they named a house the Arkley. But more recently I noticed in The Age that they have a new really, really large house, just when we thought they were an aberration of the Naughties. This 456 sqm 5 bedroom, 5 en suite, 5 STAR energy eater comes with three facades. If you like those So Frenchy CDs you could go for the Provincial, if you think yourself a touch more modern you might go the Vogue, or if you would like your house to be architecty but won’t pay, you might try the Oak Park, an unfortunate rip off of the 102 year old Robie House in Hyde Park, Chicago. Nowhere near Oak Park. Nowhere near Frank Lloyd Wright.

Not Frank Lloyd Wright

metricon floor plan


Robie house
P. Johns 2006

Robie House

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Skills shortage you say? Going by the state of the display home in Point Cook, I’d have to agree. Can’t lay bricks, can’t flash, can’t finish and can’t lay. But hey, who can argue with 500m2 house and land for less than a small apartment in Fitzroy? Stay classy, Melbourne.

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