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The Architects hit Fed Square

Good? Bad? Ugly? All three? This video from Sunday’s Art Nation also contains a glimpse of Lab’s ideas for Fed Square East. Think leafy and shady!

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Posted by Peter on 23.05.11 in  and 



its bad enough these two are on the radio, now television. why?
only if they did some background research instead of shooting from the hip.
they’ve obviously been to the andrew bolt school of journalism.
knotty or is it noddy, just loves the sound of his own voice and stuart, well he’s just plain boring.
this segment is a waste of tax payers money.

by cabbie on 24/05/11 ·#

I have had dealings with Stuart Harrison. He is a registered architect and one of the foremost lecturers on architectural History at Rmit University. I would trust any input that Stuart has to put into this project as he is both knowledgable and thorough. Cabbie maybe is best you stop shooting from the hip before downing an individual who is more than qualified to discuss such a public building.

by Kris on 25/05/11 ·#

I took a power nap while they were on. The ballerina’s legs after them woke me up.

by info on 25/05/11 ·#

I wonder what your objections actually are, Cabbie? In what aspect did Stuart & his colleague get it wrong? I’m not sure that criticism without content is really fair…or useful.

by Briony on 25/05/11 ·#

Its fair. They were shooting from the hip on the glass in the atrium.

by greenhaus on 26/05/11 ·#

just a cab driver

by cabbie on 26/05/11 ·#

Stormin Normin makes me fall asleep too.

by info on 26/05/11 ·#

I am an student at RMIT, it is the world’s best architecture school. Stewart Harrison is a leading architect in the school. Melbourne Architecture is the best in the world. The staff at RMIT are world famous. What would you know Cabbie. What have you ever done Cabbie. Shut up.

by leehon on 27/05/11 ·#

@leehon, chill out buddy, everyone is entitled to an opinion. I can see where the comment about shooting from the hip might come from. The segment didn’t have a lot of the background information on the job, it just seemed to come off as a their first impressions on the project. We all know the amount of newspaper ink that was used to talk about the job, maybe it’s just a by product of the short segment time?

by burchmore on 27/05/11 ·#

fell asleep again today

by info on 30/05/11 ·#

invent a new job leehon.

by cabbie on 02/06/11 ·#

You’re a racist Cabbie.

by leehon on 02/06/11 ·#

@ Leehon, Rimmers send me to sleep as well.

by info on 02/06/11 ·#

@burchmore, I’m not buying the short segment cop out – but i bet the ABC arts management do. Sergio Leone could choreograph a 15 second gunfight with plenty of dead bodies no trouble. It seems more like they just don’t translate from dishwasher loading muzak to good sunday hangover buzz drone.

by greenhaus on 03/06/11 ·#

yep, RACIST.
that’s right leehon, like all australians.
hey greenhaus, surprised you understand, these guys don’t translate at all.

by cabbie on 03/06/11 ·#

I feel asleep looking at a box of sleeping tablets in Swanston Street today.

by info on 03/06/11 ·#

@cabbie, I can translate, talking shit is a second language at home.

by greenhaus on 03/06/11 ·#

hey info you’re boring

by cabbie on 03/06/11 ·#

i’m bored

by info on 03/06/11 ·#

i’m so bored i’m going to enroll @ RMIT.

by greenhaus on 03/06/11 ·#

Mate, wrong choice.
Deakun is the place.

by dug on 03/06/11 ·#

didn’t even wake up for the latest.

by info on 05/06/11 ·#

You didn’t miss anything, the ABC took their water pistols off them after the first week.

by dug on 16/06/11 ·#

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