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The architect & the photographer

John Gollings, Philip Goad, Vanessa Bird, and Alan Saunders spoke at a forum at the State Library of Victoria in July 2011. The transcript and audio are now available. Here’s a snippet.

“I think there’s actually no connection between the photograph and the building. What I would like to think at best is that the photograph does describe to the viewer the architect’s intent and the architect’s creative philosophy, but beyond that I sometimes wish the building would just burn down and just leave the photograph because the comparison is odious.”
John Gollings, photographer

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Good services for those who want to become a architecture and photographer.

by job in new zealand on 11.11.17, 11:52 pm ·#

I heard John Gollings speak about his work at the University of Newcastle this year. His approach to creating and persuing an image that communicates a narrative was both inspiring and exciting.

by Helen on 11.11.25, 12:23 pm ·#

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