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The National Mutual tower in Collins Street (Godfrey & Spowers, Hughes, Mewton and Lobb) lost a marble facade tile today, clearing the plaza 10 storeys below. The Age has more, mistakenly referring to a fallen ‘concrete slab’, a scary thought.

Northern facade of the National Mutual Plaza, on Collins Street Melbourne

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Yes marble a little friendlier than conc. but same effect. Funny how no-one recognises marble unless its a counter top. Not popular for building facades for a long time (except perhaps for despotic regimes). This has revealed to me (by rumours and net sleuthing) that the owners have a permit to fill in the plaza with a ten storey block, lower on the edges, thus eliminating the open space ! Lots of cafes / shops at ground level though. Buchans. Shocked that powers that be think losing the open space is ok, though admittedly its never been very user friendly – but it could easily be done over without an actual new office block.

by rohan on 12.02.01, 05:55 pm ·#

What an amazing facade.

by crazy over skyscrapers on 12.02.03, 11:05 am ·#

This is a significant modernist building that continues to hold historic resonance: See listing:

by nevillek on 12.02.12, 08:30 pm ·#

Just went past – some scaffolding up on west side and marble being removed. Guess photo now or never !

by rohan on 12.02.20, 05:36 pm ·#

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