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Awards time

Melbourne architects gathered the lion’s share at the ®AIA national awards. The Melbourne Age gives a straightforward listing of the winning projects, Elizabeth Farrelly at the Sydney Morning Herald is not taking it as easily . To condense some fruity prose, fashionable Melburnians do things pointy and angled and are rewarded while Sydneysiders wear sensible shoes and keep things sober and orthogonal and lose. Explaining NSW’s low ranking this year, head judge Alex Tannes said that Sydney might suffer, “a cultural issue in terms of the commissioning of the buildings”.

As for two expensive private schools winning in the public architecture category, judge and DJ Simon Knott thought the category, “probably had the wrong name.”

So to the medal tally (excluding commendations)… Wardle (2 gongs), McBride Charles Ryan (2 – the Robin Boyd for the Klein Bottle House & Monaco House), Phooey, Lyons in Hume, ARM in Albury, Adrian FitzGerald, DCM, Fender Katsalidis, NHArchitecture, Peter Crone, and Robert Simeoni.

The non-Melburnian winners were Stanisic Associates, Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, James Stockwell, Robertson & Hindmarsh, Rice Daubney + Allen Jack+Cottier + Group GSA, M3, Vivian Fraser, Heffernan Button Voss, Simon Pendal and Rebecca Angus, PTW + CCDI, and WOHA in Singapore.


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