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This local blog seems to have disappeared off the net, anyone know where it has gone? Will be sadly missed, but for those who missed it it is still cached at google.

2010 update: Ahh… it’s still there at wordpress .

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Posted by Peter on 05.11.08 in other blogs



she got married!

by ross on 08.11.06, 02:46 pm ·#

Oh. But you can be married and blog at the same time, can’t you?

by peter on 08.11.06, 04:08 pm ·#

i would have thought so…maybe an extended honeymoon

by ross on 08.11.06, 04:40 pm ·#

Found it: Arkatekcha . No updates since ’08 though.

by peter on 10.12.25, 02:05 am ·#

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