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Not Happy, DAP

grote street
Adelaide architect Fred Phillis has complained about the Adelaide Development Assessment Panel after they turned down his application for three student housing towers on Grote Street with a few choice phrases that didn’t make it into the minutes , but ended up in the paper … such as “absolute rubbish” and “future slums”. Adelaide council has warned the DAP to behave itself: “Mr Phillis has requested an apology and that the relevant panel members be removed from office… The council takes any such complaint seriously. This complaint serves as a reminder to you and your duties of public office… In particular, that as a member of the panel, you are expected to act with integrity and professionalism.”

The functions of the DAP include , “as it thinks fit, to provide advice and reports to the council on trends, issues and other matters relating to planning or development that have become apparent or arisen through its assessment of applications under [the relevant] Act.”

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Posted by Peter on 07.06.09 in 



Bloody funny. Judging from the picture, they do have a point. A sharp tongue should be a prerequisite for any assessment panel, a shame they were too soft to put that ‘feedback’ in the minutes. Instead of kicking them off, they should be honoured.
Been enjoying the updates Peter, cheers.

by Rory on 09.06.08, 12:46 am ·#

Fred should know better than submit something so far outside any reasonable plan, it lacks parking, aesthetic merit and impossible to evacuate in an emergency let alone the number of lifts for daily use.
It was lodged like an ambit claim than an honest proposal. He deserves the kicks

by David on 09.06.09, 12:11 am ·#

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