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NSW awards

The New South Wales ®AIA award ceremony was held on Thursday at the Hilton.

The full list is here .

The SMH review, by Elizabeth Farrelly, is here . She wasn’t keen on the choices, but leaves the dagger for John Wardle Architects + Wilson + GHD’s Jane Foss Russell building, second equal in the Public Buildings category. The jury citation for this building describes it glowingly as responding,

“dynamically to the pedestrian flows, level changes and urban scale around the site in a chameleon-like, sculptural response.”

Farrelly has a different take…

“… John Wardle’s egregious Jane Foss Russell, with its unshaded offices already covered in taped-up butcher’s paper, its meretricious gestures and its dumb, unusable spaces.”

Sounds like it’s worth a visit. In case you can’t, check out the JWA project page .

JWA jane foss russell

jane foss russell interior

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