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Bjarke Ingels speeds

As Bjarke Ingels demonstrates in this recent video , he can speak English faster than most native speakers. Here he motors through his new behind-the-scenes comic book, the Shanghai pavilion, that Mountain, and some new mountains in Azerbaijan.

20.09.09 in architects video-clips


At the age of 90, Jørn Utzon has died of a heart attack in his sleep. In 2005 he said , “I will not see it now, which makes me sad. Every day I wake up and think of the Opera House. It gives me such pleasure that the building means so much to the people of Sydney and Australia – that makes me very happy.” Thanks Jørn, that building does mean so much to us. The lights on the Opera House’s sails will be dimmed tonight and a memorial service will be held there in early 2009.

30.11.08 in architects 

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