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Open Sesame

Titles Office detail of fire door
Former Land Titles Office – fire door

27.07.12 in tours 

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City circuit on a Saturday

Please note that this post is brought to you by the all-new Hyundai Accent *

05.09.11 in tours 

If you want to see Japan...

I have just had to pull out of the next Japan Architecture Tour in late September and October, run by Queensland architect Robert Day. Terrible unfortunate. As some compensation for wasting his time trying to find me a suitable airfare, I would like to plug the tour to anyone remotely interested. I have friends who have been on previous tours and vouch for it – one even going twice.

22.08.11 in tours 

Callum Morton bus tour

Not sure how many artists in Melbourne would warrant a bus tour. Meadmore? King? The bus tour organised by Heide on Saturday coincides with Morton’s exhibition at Heide III, which is by his own admission a bit of a theme-park. He jokes in a recent ABC interview that he’d like some moneybags to help him set up Callum’s World, where all his unwieldy old works can go to roost. Valhalla is currently packed into two shipping containers in Melbourne’s East.

08.08.11 in tours 

Robin Boyd open houses

Six years after the National Trust tour of many of Boyd’s best, the Robin Boyd Foundation is putting on a new 6 house self-guided tour, on April 18th. If it’s anything like as popular as the last one, you’d better book last week.

27.03.10 in tours 

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