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see more Pruitt Igoe - the film

You know the photos and the footage. In case you don’t here it is, complete with prevailing attitude courtesy of Robert Hughes.

04.02.14 in urban-planning films

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see more open website in same window Nailed

Those home owners who just won’t sell out to the developer that owns everything around them, own ‘nail houses’. Googlesightseeing has compiled a nail bag full on the occasion of the release of a similarly-themed Pixar film, Up .

31.08.09 in urban-planning film

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see more open website in same window MOMA NIMFY video

The poor folks living in a sundrenched apartment block across the road from MOMA in New York are a bit riled about the museum’s proposal to build a tower the height of the Empire State Building in its service yard. In the olden days this would have resulted in letters to council and getting Geoffrey Rush involved. Nowadays you make a movie about it.

18.08.09 in urban-planning video-clips

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in  United States   New York   New York   CBD  [1] Last verified 10 years ago.

see more open website in same window Backyard pools

Emergent Urbanism reports on a different type of subdivision. Miami’s outer suburban subdivisions apparently must have their own reservoirs. Looks odd from a satellite.

30.07.09 in urban-planning 

in  United States   Florida   Miami   Last verified 10 years ago.
in  United States   Michigan   Flint   Last verified 10 years ago.

see more Marion Mahoney

The Americans are starting to discover who Marion Mahoney Griffin was. About time. This New York Times article reveals to its readership how to pronounce “Mahoney” before attributing a good chunk of Frank Lloyd Wright’s early fame to her renderings.

02.01.08 in architects urban-planning

Architect / protaganist: Walter Burley Griffin & Marion Mahoney

in  United States   Illinois   Chicago   Last verified 11 years ago.
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